Marzieh Ebrahimi, an Iranian survivor of an unprovoked acid attack in 2014 for wearing a "bad hijab"

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  1. Would’ve been faster to just pick the dagger up tho?

  2. They ulted while waiting for the w to land.. there is no dagger for them to pickup during the r window, they are both still in the air.

  3. Fuck me how is this happening. Look ph is a sliding fucking scale. If you have a strong acid and add a weaker acid it ends up in the middle (in most cases)

  4. I think they're taking issue with you use of the term "neutralizing". It's dilution that would reduce the pH in this case.

  5. Rince, with water. Water is neutral ph. It is counter acting to an acid or a base.

  6. The idea of water isn't neutralization, it's to remove and dilute the contaminate.

  7. Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was indicted on federal charges of structuring bank withdrawals after prosecutors alleged Hastert had molested at least four boys as young as 14 and attempted to compensate his victims and subsequently conceal the transactions. Hastert eventually admitted that he sexually abused the boys whom he had coached decades earlier, and was sentenced to fifteen months in prison.


  9. All I know is I want to do some purple OSL out of the end. Is just highlighting the black too simple?

  10. 2 fire prisms with linked fire and some fate dice will mince the menhirs and reduce his range output significantly. It's costly but will do just as much work as TSK. You could add vectored engines on both to scoot them back to safety each time one fires.

  11. As a tool box really, just a few potential scenarios... If I'm against a very CP hungry army and the 2 cp it costs to use her ability again will hurt them more than me ill use it. Deep strike her in the back lines to tie up heavies allowing me to move up the board a bit safer. Deep strike her with zephyrim to soak a potential overwatch. She can also go character hunting if they leave say 1 hq to hold a backfield objective.

  12. I don't have experience with that particular putty but if it's anything like blue tack just dabbing a blob of it on the hanger-ons will lift em right off.

  13. ok dog sorry for having an original thought. christ fuck Reddit lmao this is why ppl hate everyone on here

  14. All I hear is "you're telling me I'm wrong and don't agree so I hate you"

  15. Most black paints will shift the yellow layers towards green. Start with browns/oranges.

  16. It's makes that unit ineligible for the counter attack strategem so say you charge with a unit of Shining spears and Howling banshees, you can choose to fight with the Shining spears first and your opponent can't interrupt and fight the banshees before they get to attack

  17. incorrect, to begin with you aren't allocating your assault 2 against a model but against an UNIT that's the big thing here.

  18. Fwiw, you do not have to continue making saving throws on the same model UNLESS it's been allocated a wound.

  19. the exact wording is the following from the CRB, for the purpose of the example I used wound instead of attack because GW using attack and wound everywhere for different meanings is confusing you never assign wound in theory you assign the attack that successfully wounded

  20. Consider paints such as Kimera Kolor or Scale75 Artist. These paints are generally single pigment acrylic paints and are designed for mixing, especially Kimera (not too sure if the SC75 range is single pigment but they mix great and paint amazingly)

  21. Yeah I've read through it multiple times and I've been searching for an answer everywhere and this still isn't clear, I'm not trying to be annoying I literally don't understand the intent of the rules.

  22. Obscuring is on a unit basis (if any model is visible, they are all visible), cover is on model-by-model basis. Unit b is NOT obscured and only 1 model will benefit from the cover since its within/touching the terrain

  23. Thanks for all the input everyone! Alot of people seem to like the uniqueness the green one brings so ive decided to go for the green and leave the all red for my sister army. Here's a few more in the same

  24. "I chose lore over colour theory" this is the way.

  25. I dig the sentiment, but they are not mutually exclusive. Using color theory well just adds to the lore aspect.

  26. You could try cutting out a wedge on the backside of say a knee or elbow then use hot water (if resin) to SLOWLY bend the part to the desired shape. Then just clean up with a sculpting medium of your choice.

  27. It was game color dead white so not quite citadel but I hear almost all the brands whites are not good I think my mistake was 1 thick coat to try and fix mistakes rather than 3 thin coats since it's white. Lol

  28. The trick to painting white is to not use white. Start with a light gray and work your way up to white for the absolute brightest highlights

  29. 3 wounds from smite. 3 wounds from shooting. Charge a unit of banshess with crone scream for d3+1, if you get a 3+ its dead if not you have a full unit of banshees to attack with.

  30. Not letting any patterns from one tile carry over to the other might sell it more. Maybe hand painting smaller veins and cracks might help?

  31. I actually just found in the Codex that it can only be a Harlequin Patrol. So it is limited, I believe. Unless I am misunderstanding something here.

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