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  1. The Aussie Mana Apocalypse, classes can dynamically evolve as they hit the requirements, it doesn't rely on reaching a certain milestone level like in Azarinth or BTDEM.

  2. Yea soul of the warrior is one I've read tho I probably misnamed it, its so hard to keep track when you read as much as I do. :p Thanks for the others though :)

  3. have read that tho i gave up before he got a class lol

  4. cfl2 says:

    In a year there should be several more Azarinth Healer books compiled and edited from the basically-finished webseries... something to look forward to rather than dread.

  5. Yes the edits for the first one improved it so much

  6. The flying sword is a lot bigger than I always imagined

  7. Its pretty much a surf board that fly's right

  8. Or just eat it cold, cold pizza is nice to

  9. Considering what happened during covid I can't believe that people wouldn't be whiny little shits during the apocolypse

  10. welp i guess i have something new to read, thanks :)

  11. Going down the lift in elden ring for the first time was equally awsome

  12. Error code c1 is for your ram to try and fix it take both stick out and out the back in. Push them down hard till you hear a solid click sound from each one.

  13. Also if they are shit talking about someone to you they are probably shit talking about you to someone else

  14. give Nophek Gloss by Essa Hansen a try. It's exactly what you're talking about, with the main character seeking more and more augmentations as he realizes how terribly overmatched he is.

  15. The first one sounds prefect I've read the fist book of red rising probably should read the rest at some point

  16. My evolution into to a sentient puddle of goo has completed over these last few days.

  17. You picked a bad example in book 4 Talia mentions that while she hadn't heard the term compound affinity before Fire affinity classifies as one.

  18. Wasn't there also someone mentioned with a bunch if different tree affinities?

  19. Get and stay fit(don't have to be ripped or anything just run a few times a week and don't eat to much), look after your teeth(once they are fucked its almost impossible to unfuck them).

  20. Buy some fitting flanges and make some of it Into a table base

  21. Once a fortnight when I goto my aunties place to do some things for her. Weighing myself every day and seeing all the fluctuate just messes with me head

  22. Good boy save those poor people from religion

  23. The mc from Andrew Rowe's Arcane Ascension is either mildly autistic or suffering from PTSD from his father "training" him for years maybe a bit of both

  24. Quick word to the wise. It’s not the main protagonist Hugh, but his teacher. Who happens to be the survivor of a genocide.

  25. Several of the main cast are broken in one form or another

  26. And therein lies the problem: can you trust whoever holding the proverbial donation box to actually use that donation money toward what people want? Or will they instead pocket the money and dash?

  27. Wonder if we could use one of the donation platforms for it

  28. Some of the world's most cutting edge technology in chipmaking is developed and produced by ASML in the Netherlands. It would take the chinese an incredible amount of money (and time, as prototyping and testing these things can't happen overnight) to get to the same level of sophistication.

  29. Or it'll just take them a couple years to sneak in a spy and just steal it.

  30. Sounds interesting maybe try asking on

  31. I would have thought a beak thing would have ... You know.... A beak

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