1. Cradle and mother of learning and beware of chicken are progressive fantasy but they're really good. Cradle is many people's favourite book among litrpg fans.

  2. Just started reading magical gunslinger girl cause of you. An I'm not crying your crying warning would have been nice :p also I ran out already :(

  3. I would recommend William D Arand (and his pen name Randi Darren) Other life (it's the weakest book but sets up the rest, you could start with Wild Wastes or Super Sales or Super Heroes is your prefer), Daniel Schinofen Aethers Revival or Binding Words and Jan Styrvant Valens Legacy. All of these books have amazing story lines

  4. i like Daniel Schinofens work and Jan Styrvants Valens Legacy, they both feel like the sex could be taken out and they'd still be solid stories

  5. Apocalypse Tier used to be Challenge Tier, while World Tier was what it is.

  6. No people often get into relationship s knowing they they often don't last

  7. My Mother’s eyes are bright and wide circles of dark glass. Her hands are mechanical multi-tools: a duster, a vaccuum nozzle, a hose, a sponge...a hand to hold. Her grey skin is ever-cool, stiff and ungiving — yet no surface on Earth makes me feel safer.

  8. Damn that good! It brings back memories of the first mission of Detroit become human. I really should go back and finish that game at some point.


  10. At least the one you can't change out is solid the rest you can replace pretty easy

  11. Can't complain here. All steps in the right direction.

  12. Nz homes are barely human friendly lol cat friendly costs more

  13. Mine is Wintersteel. I love it as it has the culmination of Lindon's growth both physically and mentally. I feel many don't see that from Skysworn Will has slowly been building his Lindon thinks of his strength mentally.

  14. There are some people now who don’t know. Knew a girl in grade 12 who thought you could get pregnant from a bj because “it’s all connected in there”.

  15. That's better logic then some people have these days

  16. Don't weigh your self every day it just makes losing weight so much more stressful I left my scales at my aunties and go every 2 weeks to see her and weigh myself less stress makes losing weight easier

  17. Maybe try contacting support on the shift website

  18. Can it work based off of a band or playlist?

  19. Snape, lived and died to see Lilly Potters son grow up :(

  20. The thing about google/yt is that it tells you what the popular answer is not what the best/most current answer is which for longer running games like fo76 is often not the same thing

  21. yea im thinking about doing a tanky shotgunner/lmg cause my last build was basically a stealthy tech wizard(rippler + suicide is horrifying)

  22. I keep meaning to read that might as well do it tonight

  23. I just did this quest today but had to let here live ....for reasons ;p

  24. I found it!!!! It's Demon Crew: The Wolfborne Saga Book 5. (Sorry, forgot it was book 5 not 2) It's a really good book series about werewolves that doesn't focus too much on romance.

  25. No that's not it but the book I'm looking for is pretty similar in how it is written.

  26. Sorry I couldn't be more help that's the only one I could think of with a male mc. Maybe try looking up warewolf books with male mc there shouldn't be to many.

  27. Drew Hayes super powered (mcs go to hero university classes) and starships mage series buy Glynn Stewart(star ships and magic what's not o love :p)

  28. I'd like to finish the Conroe Demon Accords series but it seems the books are very hard to find and when I do locate one the price is anywhere from $45-$60.

  29. Jeeze that's a pretty hecking long series

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