1. Who designed those stairs? Idk if you get snow where you live but those would be a slippery steep nightmare with snow and ice.

  2. Is this guy different than Lucio/Military/DUI Daddy?

  3. Is there any intel on what happened with Alex and her bffl laren?

  4. Well for one Alex exploited the FUCK out of her when she was going through a break up. Yeah Lauren reaped some benefits but she probably regrets oversharing when she was vulnerable.

  5. ngl I fell for Alex’s “the truth about chd” story and was initially on her side during the breakup but Alex has run chd into the ground with her Barbara Walters cosplay and I’d rather watch Sofia these days.

  6. I realized that she switched out the dog for the boyfriend and that was an… unsettling realization. She’s so obsessed with her routine and control that her boyfriend is already too overwhelming and having a puppy to mess up her house and throw off the routine would be too much. Her rigidity is going to ruin a lot for her

  7. If you can’t beat ‘em, join em. Katy and Haydn make $$ off Sarah “inFlUEnCiNg” her followers to buy them. Business is business. Like them or hate them but the Schneiders know their target audience and have a good marketing team…something Sarah knows nothing about

  8. Can’t beat ‘em join ‘em is right. Sarah really had to swallow her pride for that settlement payment 😂

  9. Out of all the things to beginner DIY, why custom cabinets? They’re so poorly done.

  10. She thinks because she can afford some ostentatious pieces she knows all things fashion and fashion history? She has not one clue about Demna and Vetements.

  11. This looks like it was posted by a 20 year old frat bro

  12. He’s 100% sending himself messages off a burner. Maybe a few are actual responses but no one cares enough about this as him or would be this vicious towards her appearance

  13. It’s going to be so dark in there now. The cabinets should of been green with white shelves unless she’s going to whitewash the brick

  14. I love her but all her fits would flop in NYC. In Miami spandex and boobs are all you need

  15. LOL same I never post pictures I take at work when we have parties

  16. Yes tbh, especially grocery stores and when people put them in the carts 🤮

  17. Oh great. Now I’m really going to start sanitizing my carts I didn’t even think about that 😩

  18. Lol I love how accurate this is. Why can I tell what kind of phone and car she probably had. Large VS Pink collection too, surely.

  19. Imagine wanting to re-do that pantry down the line and you have to demo legit brick. Wtf

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