1. I’ll be honest. Didn’t know what to think of the album on my first listen. Loved some songs on the first listen and others I wasn’t sure. Having had listened to it multiple times, I love the album and I’m excited for her to announce US tour dates.

  2. I thought she sang "fuck me in the basement" or something and my jaw dropped. Was almost about to go check the lyrics when I realised the track wasn't explicit.

  3. Omg where did you find the pattern for this? This is amazing and I need it in my life

  4. Where can I find the little cat chair?!! It’s adorable!

  5. I believe she purchased the pattern in some website, i could ask her where

  6. Yes please! I would love to make these for my husband as well!

  7. Aww I love the little gold details. It makes the strawberry POP!

  8. The texture of the white bit being filled in while everything else is, is really fun. And the pattern is super cute! Congrats!

  9. Thank you! It was part intentional and part laziness xD

  10. Okay I need to know where you got your keyboard and mouse and the blanket. I love the setup you have there. It’s very cute and cozy

  11. ME! I absolutely love this! I love the color of the metallic threads

  12. As someone who just got a lava eel pond and is in the same boat, I feel you. From the bottom of my heart

  13. If you really want to take him outside I would look into harness training and taking your cat out for supervised walks. That’s what I do with my cat. She loves being outside so we just take her out for walks.

  14. Love this! And I've been listening to this song on repeat this week 😂

  15. I don’t think I’ll ever emotionally recover from this

  16. I love this! I had a 19 yr old cat that, for the last couple years of her life, was really VERY skin and bones. She lost all muscle mass, and no fat anywhere. So - she got cold really easily. I ended up getting a small doggie vest - but her body was so much longer, and I always felt bad it wasn't longer. This would have been a great solution! (er... If I had much skill in the fiber arts. I'm an admirer on this sub)

  17. I made this so she can go out on walks for a little longer before it starts snowing here

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