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  1. YUP. Also, they’re good enough that drinking folks enjoy them.

  2. That’s funny. I thought, you slam a 6 pack of NA? But then I realized normal people drink a 6 pack over a long period of time.

  3. The amount of times I’ve heard or read peoples stories and one or two things just resonate with me. It’s kind of silly but the saying of we’re all in his together is true.

  4. I’m still blown away by this. Even if I don’t relate, and even if I think, “now that’s the craziest thing I’ve heard” there’s always someone who replies, “I’ve done that” or “I’ve had that happen”. We are all the same here.

  5. I’ve had people approach me and ask me about not drinking. Or sometimes they say a bit more something like, “I think I should drink less”.

  6. I didn't feel ready. I was never going to be ready. So I did it on a random day of the week, on a random date, in a random year, because the "right time" was never going to come for me.

  7. I was getting less and less joy out of regularly drinking, and it was becoming a grind of hangovers and the nights weren't that fun. Felt like I was chasing the dragon and never catching the "good time" I wanted to have. I told myself I'd go all out on a friends camping weekend and then give it a rest. The camping trip would have been way more fun if I hadn't drank, I barely remember parts of it, a weekend I was looking forward to for months is a blur. I'm at about a month and a week now and I have so much more energy and optimism, I just feel much better. I've drank enough for a lifetime and I don't need it anymore. At least for now, for today, I'm done.

  8. 👊 me too. I was drinking to have fun but never could remember the fun I had.

  9. I will not drink today!!! My achievement is more focused time with my family.

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