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  1. I ordered a pair of these last week on this sale and absolutely love them!!

  2. At least I bought all those cock futures

  3. You lit a hundred dollar bill in Sarah's ear and said "I'll pay you $100 for just one of your cock futures" as she openly wept during an all staff meeting because she lost half her retirement savings...

  4. I have seen far more posts/memes complaining about Andor haters with childish attention spans than I have seen actual Andor haters with childish attention spans.

  5. Nah my little brother is the biggest fucking star wars nerd in the world and he hated Andor

  6. Why do you think they don't have a chance suing the government? It was GG himself who admitted that the SEC is shitting the bed because they are afraid of the big boys' expensive lawyers. Care to elaborate? I'm genuinely curious.

  7. At a certain point it looks bad to be suing the government for the potential of regulating your industry. It's difficult to spin the narrative that everything is fine and your behavior is totally legal and above board when you sue the SEC over proposed rule changes

  8. That makes sense, but to me it appears they had the right to see the proposed changes. So the SEC, from a legal standpoint, failed comply within the given timeframe, didn't they? Giving a firm basis for these shitstains' legal team.

  9. I totally agree they have the legal right to timely responses to FOIA requests, but I'm still waiting to hear back from the SEC about multiple documents I've requested and you don't hear me threatening to sue the government lmao

  10. Holy shit that's awesome! I've been using TD Ameritrade's Think or Swim for a while but have been exploring other options for charting software

  11. Maybe it's just me, but I definitely feel really good about myself when I get all dressed up in a suit

  12. Damn I have absolutely no need to a QLED super ultrawide (currently rocking a 34 inch Acer 165hz ultrawide)

  13. Ok I told myself I wouldn't buy a new monitor unless I saw an OLED panel go sub $600

  14. Looks almost identical to the Minix 65 watt PD fast charger I just bought for $40 on Amazon

  15. Yep haha! I figured they probably came from the same factory in Shenzhen lol

  16. Why do you always turn these moments into a weird thing of you?

  17. How are you getting dumber? It's been six years, and you're regressing. You used to be able to speak in full sentences, now you just blurt out this gibberish like "weird thing of you"

  18. Solidigm's P44 Pro is the counterpart to the P41 Platinum. Actually, I'd say it's better, but I digress.

  19. Are you lowering temps in dark cycle? Can cause stretching if not. Grew this strain 2 years ago, hope you like it. Spread da herb

  20. The temp drops to about 70° when I turn the lights off

  21. Good to know! Maybe I'll crack the window in the room the tent lives in at night

  22. Not sure. The cpu seems to be doa.

  23. Oof! Are you able to see what BIOS version you're on? Some AM4 motherboards don't have the BIOS update for the 5800x3D even if they say "Ryzen 5000 Ready" on the box

  24. I was able to get the bios updated to the latest version using my wife’s 5400g but it won’t post with my new one

  25. Extra m.2, it's not full wattage and fans are loud when gaming.

  26. Hope you’re ready for the stretch, looks like it’s going to be tight as fuck

  27. I was considering clearing out this storage room in the basement of our building and moving them in there if they stretch too much haha

  28. That's awesome! I currently have 3x 92mm slim noctua chromax fans on a deshrouded HP OEM 3070!

  29. Haha I see I actually already asked for the STL! If you're still down, I'd totally pay for a copy! Here's

  30. Did you ever finalize the STL file? I'd love to use it for my all Noctua SFF PC (currently has 3x NF-A9 slim fans on an HP OEM 3070). Here's a

  31. So I'm legally considered Latino and mark myself as white for race on census document, but Mexican as my ethnicity since Hispanic isn't a racial group according to the US Census Bureau

  32. Learning shit is for nerds and jocks. Don’t believe me, ask my UNCLE

  33. Just snagged one for the full $50. God I hate this sub sometimes lmao

  34. Did you buy within Best Buy’s extended holiday return window? If so you can return it and buy this one or maybe ask for a price match. (Assuming you got it at BB)

  35. Does best buy carry pulsar mice?! I ordered from their website directly after watching the Optimum Tech where he raved over the Pulsar X2 Wireless

  36. I love your work and have been trying to contribute to the right to repair movement as much as I can! Most of my professional experience has been in the think tank world, have you ever considered reaching out to SPN (State Policy Network) to pitch ideas?

  37. SPN is a consortium of free market think tanks! I've always thought right to repair is a massive property rights issue; if I purchase something, it should be mine to modify or repair as I see fit

  38. Any reason to get this over just using my old Thinkpad X1 Yoga to take notes on OneNote?

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