1. It's an excellent sound system too, frankly amazing for an economy car. I'd be interested to hear what my fellow Gen4 owners have their audio settings at!

  2. I really hope mine aren’t wiped. I just had fun playing the super7 and didn’t realize a glitch existed

  3. hopefully they’d know if you played legit vs if you made 200 million in 30 minutes

  4. Always buy half’s for this reason.

  5. not everyone is into dying. some people are doing what they have to in order to survive. not saying that makes it right but those are the choices they have to make.

  6. the people behind those scopes are trying to survive. i’m not saying take pity on someone who is actively trying to kill you but you don’t seem to understand that not everyone is there by their own choice. why do you think so many people are fleeing the country? if they go awol in the military they’ll probably be executed by their own superiors too. their options are prison, death or possible death none of which are good pickings. put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change.

  7. mine did it a lot in the first thousand miles or so but then it just stopped happening out of nowhere. maybe temperature is the issue

  8. Are you sure it was not an a5 not the s5. The a5 has 261 hp and the s5 has 349 hp

  9. definitely wasn’t an s5 and if it was then they probably didn’t know they were racing

  10. I think all, but my new main is a veloster N. is that vehicle specifically affected?

  11. i was thinking more along the lines of window color. maybe those with black window tint are affected by your issue

  12. ask yourself if you really wanna be driving around with no ac in an all black car all the time.

  13. Absolutely. I only play with the ballistic helmet to prevent these annoying “one shot to the head” situations by now. It’s a shame because I really enjoy the NVGs

  14. there’s a mod that allows you to have permanent night vision while still being able to choose another headgear

  15. go on youtube and watch raws video. his method works really well for me and i could never roll before.

  16. How are we supposed to handle it? Please tell me. You yourself are saying a good majority prefer bigger dicks, so what am i supposed to do? Im basically already out of question for the good majority of women. What do you suggest?

  17. you just accept it. you literally cannot do anything besides that. you don’t go blaming it on other people as if they had any part in it. this whole sub needs to understand that you cannot change what already is. like other people have said, there’s probably plenty of girls out there who aren’t that concerned with size, but i see them get shrugged off cause you guys don’t want those women y’all want the women who are into something that you cannot be and i have no fucking clue why. again you’re gonna be much happier with your life if you accept it and move on. what does complaining about it actually do for you? you’re not gonna change yourself and you definitely will not change women so really you’re just sitting there making yourself upset.

  18. Hmm okay i agree. Like dwelling on it and being miserable does no help. But dont you understand that guys who didnt get lucky still wanna feel desired on a physical level too? Like why is there so much body positivity for women while men have to just get over it for example? Are guys with small dicks inadequate and less worth? Or why shouldnt they have the wish to be desired?

  19. i do understand that. but it’s not like i whip out my out my dick and bitches come running. getting to the bedroom takes the same amount of effort on anyone’s part as it does on yours because most girls won’t even see it until you guys are ready to go. while i don’t go through some of the same problems i know how it feels to not feel like you stack up and it’s definitely hard to ignore that but it’s takes a lot of self reflecting and acceptance of yourself. way easier said than done but this is the only way for you to really deal with things that you cannot change about yourself. in the long run trying to make it another persons problem will only hurt you worse mentally because if you truly do believe that it is up to someone else to change their outlook then you will never be satisfied it.

  20. saw a georgia plate down in florida that read “INBRED”

  21. They do sell merch and have a mission.. I don't fully understand what it is but info available at link below

  22. it’s just an internet joke that someone decided to start making money off of.

  23. Revoked license does not mean never driving again. Hate to burst your bubble…

  24. You'd be surprised, I have a C6 Corvette and it's about $700/year to insure and I only do that for half of the year so about $350 in reality 😉

  25. seeing how much other peoples insurance is really shows me how much insurance companies like to screw younger drivers.

  26. I've had that rate since I bought the car when I was 23. I don't have any infractions though.

  27. yea i’m 19, have one not at fault accident, and never been pulled over, and my insurance is like 2600 every 6 months

  28. And I feel like altering your vehicle with the express purpose of making it louder is just kind of a dick move to others in general.

  29. it’s not gonna be crazy loud even with the exhaust. it’s more of a tone enhancer if anything.

  30. That’s kind of what I’m saying though, no one needs to be locked up for their entire life. Rehabilitation and correction actually work, hence the term “correctional facility”. As of now most US “correctional facilities” are misnamed and don’t correct at all, as they turn criminals into recidivists, trapping them into a way of life near impossible to break away from.

  31. Should I - a European tax payer - be paying tax money for the remainder of a criminal’s life just so they can sit on death row? I’d rather get them rehabilitated, corrected and back out in the workforce to contribute money for taxes.

  32. no and neither should we. if someone fucks up so bad they need to be imprisoned for their entire life then you should probably just go ahead and execute the death penalty instead. you don’t just get life imprisonment for minor infractions

  33. Especially in 2022, half the neighbor hood likely has cameras.

  34. don’t even need cameras. she left her dna all over the scene.

  35. looks more like a cla45 c43s don’t have the amg grille

  36. The new generation C43s do. Mercedes is throwing those grilles on everything now and continuing to water down AMG.

  37. how many poeple were in the car and did they all die?


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