1. You look amazing in pic #5! Deep Winter, but can borrow from Deep Autumn is my vote 🗳😊

  2. I can think of much fresher choices — but I also like Jimmy Kimmel. Something tells me that securing new hosts for this gig isn’t super easy, anyway…the cons of this job kinda outweigh the pros.

  3. Plus, it's still on ABC. I can only imagine it just makes things even smoother if they're contracting someone already contracted within the ABC corporation. Plus, he can do his live show or whatever, etc. and it all rolls in together.

  4. Yes, great points. I also think Jimmy Kimmel is really TRYING to be better and keep learning….and isn’t that the best we can expect from people? I can see the arc of how he has changed over time. He clearly cares about people and isn’t above saying he is sorry or was wrong. I’m all for holding people accountable (I think the term “cancel culture” is absolute hogwash), but I also think we have to give some appreciation and grace to the people who are genuinely growing, listening and learning.

  5. Oh no don’t dare suggest that. This is the Internet. Emotion > Logic when it comes to cats. Who cares about toxoplasmosis, allergies, general contamination. Health inspectors are unsung heroes especially after all the bs they dealt with during covid.

  6. You don’t get toxoplasmosis from a cat sitting on a box. Speaking of emotion…it seems like you also have some underlying hatred of felines. Maybe you’re just as influenced by your emotions as we are? Not trying to be a dick, just pointing what I see. Food for thought.

  7. Mickey is literally the best cat I have ever met in my life. I look forward to meeting him every week. He is so friendly and clean. I’m heart broken now.

  8. Easy Riders, Raging Bulls by Peter Biskind.

  9. Why not just avoid drugs all together? Legal opioids will still cause huge problems even if you avoid the OD part.

  10. Thus is not helpful take. No one should die taking a recreational drug that has been spiked or cut with something so some asshole can make a bigger profit.

  11. I’m so stoked that Barbara made the list. Awesome people, amazing food, really cool little room. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  12. My little guy is 18 months so I feel for you! Prayers for quick healing 💕

  13. Sending healing energy to your sweet baby. In more lightheartedness news…it looks like he has his winter boots on 🥰😍

  14. J Lo isn’t letting those things fly anymore. 🤣

  15. Syrup lipstick from MAC is a True Summer’s best friend.

  16. I should add…if you have any yellowness to your skin, it may be too cool. But certainly worth checking out! Also — steel grey and deep purple eyeliner.

  17. My husband went to high school with him here in British Columbia — they graduated the same year. When these charges became public, he turned to me and said, “you know what, I 100% believe this happened.” Not that we don’t already believe women…what my husband was saying is that JH was entirely plausible as someone who could do this kind of thing. Apparently JH was a class clown type but also needed / craved attention, could be a bully, and had a temper on him even when he was young.

  18. The thing about delivery services is that many will not necessarily cater to his needs depending on where he is along the road to recovery. His ability to eat will vary significantly depending on what stage of treatment he is in. If he will be getting surgery, having radiation treatments or chemotherapy, all of those will affect his sheer physical ability to eat, his appetite, sensitivity to textures and aromas, etc. Here is a link to a "list of easy foods" on the (US based) Oral Cancer Foundation's website:

  19. I just want to say — I’m so glad you’re here!!! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and that helpful list. 💚💚💚💚

  20. Call 811 and ask to speak to a dietician who can help with oncology nutrition care. This is a service provided by the BC gov’t.

  21. 811 has been exceptional so far (as well as the BC Cancer dieticians), but we are looking to take things to the next level 😎 thank you for taking the time to respond!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I see a naturopath who literally checks in on how my ADHD is doing on every visit. He’s also supportive of vaccines and me trying stimulant medication (I was only diagnosed with ADHD a short time ago).

  23. I think FN, for sure. I see width in addition to vertical.

  24. Bilbo could be my kitty’s twin!!!! 😻

  25. I also like the orange! It makes your skin glow :)

  26. Really hope Skyler gets reps. Bridgewater just ain't it, dude looks scared being out there

  27. That throw to Tyreek on the 10 yard line was ballsy as hell, tho. Gotta give Teddy credit for that one.

  28. Can someone explain to me how ScarJo isn’t a true romantic? Everyone else seems very obviously SN to me, but I have never “gotten” how Scarlett was typed the SN category….she seems so petite and yin.

  29. I think the difference is in her wide upper back, and she has that straight angle of ribs from waist to shoulder as well, instead of a double curve.

  30. That all makes a ton of sense! Thank you!

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