1. Literally what I had for dinner. Enchiladas, refried beans, Mexican Coke. Got my kids an obscene amount of tacos and my daughter said she was "in food heaven" lol.

  2. Germany too. You can take and leave books for free

  3. US too. I got a pretty neat "Directory of Illustration" not too long ago.

  4. People think of herbal teas or tinctures for their health to be safe and the effects to be mild. This is only because they stopped putting cannabis, opium, and coca leaves in tinctures or tea in most places and no one is insane enough to use hardcore dangerously toxic drugs like, say, Datura or Mandrake root in a commercial product.

  5. Are you suggesting he drive a semi truck with a giant bird in the back seat? Sometimes this place makes me feel like I'm living in the fucking matrix man.

  6. Bro, I know right? Let me drive this 12 ton vehicle with this enraged 20lb bird with claws (and 2in talons if it's a male) in this small, enclosed space.

  7. Chilli too! I've read before that a lot of dishes are like this because it gives the flavors more time to "marry" and even allow new flavors to be released from chemical reactions.

  8. I wish I could make my younger siblings feel proud of me. I tried my best to shield them from all our family problems growing up, now that we are all grown ups and adults, I have nothing left for them to look up to.

  9. I'm proud of you my dude! I'm right there with you, oldest daughter trying to shield the younger ones from our moms addiction/mental health struggles (we're all adults now too, me 30's and them early 20's). If they have looked back in retrospect and see what all you did for them, there is no way they are not proud of you too.

  10. What kinda pisses me off about Barristan is how he keeps insisting on calling Hizdhar "your Grace" when a grace means something totally different in Meereen (it's either a priestess or those religious sex workers).

  11. Never picked that one up, good catch. Barristan was big dicking him lol

  12. I’d be interested in reading your book, “that woman” is the stuff nightmares are made out of.

  13. "That Woman", think you might already have one hell of a title there.

  14. True, true. Nobody showed it to me though, I had the misfortune of unintentionally coming across it, don't remember where or when.

  15. For me it was those goddamn Neopets forums...whole lot of 12-15 YO debauchery on there in the early 00's lol

  16. Marco's, definitely my favorite out of all the big chain pizza places

  17. Disagree. What about the women who have no reason. I’ve seen Misandrists who get an abortion after finding out it’s a boy.

  18. Oh so you know people who have had "late-term" abortions? You find out the gender after 20 weeks, the only people getting abortions after that point is because the fetus isn't compatible with life or the mothers life is at risk. Such a BS example...

  19. I knew this would be a fun one to sort by controversial lol

  20. The Trump 2024 trailer and the “abortion stops a beating heart” ones are definitely in Kansas. Source: I’m from Kansas

  21. It's getting cold out, which means the Nice Guys are even more desperate to 'cuff' than usual.

  22. And tax season is coming up too! Nothing brings out the fuck bois quite like some W-2s lol

  23. She's definitely being scammed by these "seminars" she keeps bringing up. She even mentions how it will cost money to get better.

  24. Honestly, it probably became law to protect minors from abusive parents. I’m sure there have been cases where a teen got murdered or beaten because their parent sound out they were pregnant or had an std.

  25. Also for the controlling aspect. When I was 15 my stepmother was 100% convinced I was out having sex nonstop and doing crazy amounts of drugs. She had me pulled out of class and took me to the hospital to have a papsmear and drug test. They legally couldn't do the papsmear because 1) my age 2) I was still a virgin (thankfully the nurse believed me and helped me fend off my stepmother). Also passed the drug test too lol.

  26. Google is also confused about who Jim carrey is today

  27. Most sauces and condiments more often than not ruin perfectly good food. I want to taste the food, not the disgusting shit you drowned it in.

  28. And if you do choose to have it, I prefer to have it in a dipping bowl.

  29. Pineapple is amazing on pizza, especially meatlovers.

  30. You ever tried the chocolate covered Lay's chips? Absolutely fire!

  31. What about the little fuzzy bees!?! I want to pet their little bumble butts so bad!!

  32. Especially when they are wearing the little pollen pants 🥺

  33. Might have to go into HMV tomorrow and pick up that Hannibal one.

  34. Immediately grabbed him up for our horror collection. I found him at my local Wal-Mart.

  35. Hubby is military and has ADHD. Over the various uniform types he’s worn over the years, the constant has been 50,000 pockets, so I reflexively check for hidden pockets and pens etc.

  36. My husband also has ADHD, but does construction (HVAC installer) so it's wild some of the things I find in his pockets. The most valuable thing he's ever left was a $20, but it's the endless screws that I'm having to keep an eye out for.

  37. Same here! I thought the video was adorable, then read the title and was like "what kind of sick person OP is to make this title?!"

  38. Yeah, I saw it more as a "gained a new bonus son" thing. OP has serious trust issues.

  39. Congrats! My husband and I each won and got ours yesterday!

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