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  1. I never realized that! And I’ve read it multiple times 😂

  2. I wouldn’t worry about it. It wasn’t directly asked, so if anything they either accidentally overlooked it or don’t care much really.

  3. Wanted to also add that they could probably help you put in the SIM card if you’re worried at the store, but it’s typically pretty simple.

  4. Thank you so much(: they messaged me back and said that there is a SIM card I can get at the grocery store once I get there????? Will that SIM card make me able to just text and call once I get there? Or will it provide internet as well? Sorry I’m just so confused but your replies have helped a lot so thank you(:

  5. You check out the different plans and then decide. So mine has call, text, and data included in the plan. The most important to me was the data, but the others can be helpful in some cases.

  6. Hi. Are you okay? This was exhausting for me to just read! Absolutely insane. Around how long have you been with the family? I think it’s easier to say something either at the beginning or closer to the end. But if it’s in the middle…it’s really a toss up on how they respond.

  7. Hi there, I’m going to answer the questions in a different order:

  8. Could be the country maybe…where are you located? Also, maybe you can consider using a VPN?

  9. Huh that’s odd. I would definitely try & email and ask about this. I hope you can get some answers. Otherwise, there are other sites & ways to search for host families. Best wishes! Feel free to DM if you want to talk to a fellow au pair

  10. Hi there, in regards to the ages of the kids in those photos versus the age of kids you want to Aupair for, it doesn’t really matter. You’re demonstrating that you have experience babysitting, they get it lol. Many au pairs have zero experience with babies or children so you’re probably ahead just with that.

  11. Hi, is it okay if I message you about this? I’m currently considering the same for my country & would love to hear your process

  12. Hi! So I applied for my visa in my HF’s country, so I arrived and initially stayed with a travel visa. One of the HP’s was with me which helped a lot (they were conversing in German). I think what’s more important is that you have the right documents. Otherwise, answer truthfully! I don’t think they want to trip you up. Sorry I can’t add more besides that, but hope this helps

  13. I’d say take a look at the other au pair profiles that are out there. I think you can see the really popular ones if I remember correctly? Just use them as inspiration (this is what I did) and even take certain phrasing if it rings true. But please don’t copy the whole thing. If you want, you can PM as well. I’m currently in Austria but I also got an offer from a family in Germany within 2-3 weeks on the sites. Best of luck!

  14. I hear you. But friend, you have to put yourself first. The kids + the family will be fine… or maybe not. Regardless, your responsibility is to yourSELF 1st & foremost. You’re not those kids’ mother, you’re an au pair. Part of me feels like you’re too involved. At the end of the day, it’s a job. I love my HF and the kids so I understand that if you feel this way. But at the end of the day we each have to make the best decisions for ourselves. Staying when you feel this way will only build up resentment.

  15. Thank you for your thoughtful answer. Well. Things are changing. A bit at least. My HM did come to talk to me about the stress she experiences and that she is close to a burn out. She explained that she is with her husband going to go to couples therapy. It was a bit of a relief for me to hear that from her.

  16. You’re welcome. First, I think it’s great she came and talked to you. Also, good on you for broaching the topic of leaving earlier! You did it! Woohooo! I’m proud of you. Even though you might have messed up at parts, that’s okay. You still did a great job because you tried.

  17. You would just have to be upfront with the potential au pairs & get their response. There are definite pros + cons to this for sure. Personally as an au pair it doesn’t really appeal to me, but perhaps others may enjoy the perk of extra money (as I see you’ve written). In addition to that perhaps I’d give the potential au pair the option to spend those 2-4 days as they want. Ofc invite them to the mini vacations, but don’t make it obligatory.

  18. So sorry this happened to you. Personally, it sounds like you’re anxious right now. For me, staying in a cycle of anxious thoughts and such will lead to an anxiety attack. “Will she kick me out? Will she not?”. If it’s truly unbearable staying there (which I think it is), then I encourage you to leave and stay at a hostel. If you need money (so you don’t spend the last of what you have), is there anyone else you can ask for help? Any friends or family? There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Best wishes! Feel free to PM if you want to just vent or talk more

  19. Thank you! After hearing the mom telling one guest that how I should leave, then that's it. I found a decent hotel near the main city and I will stay there until the day of my flight. Thankfully one friend is lending me money so I can afford it.

  20. Ahh that’s great news! You’re OUTTA there! May you be filled with peace + calm away from those parents

  21. The kid could’ve easily heard that from a classmate or a friend. Also, if they watch YouTube videos or other videos that have English in them, they could’ve also picked it up there.

  22. Wow. There seems to be a lot of horror stories these days. Holy shit. Are you okay? Are you safe right now?

  23. This is abuse. I’m surprised you even took all this shit. Personally I would’ve allowed the kid to hit the car + scratch the paint bc then the parents would have to deal with it, not you. You told the child to stop and they didn’t.

  24. Have you tried FB? There’s a popular group on there for au pairs & those searching

  25. Hey thank you do you know the name of the group please?

  26. I know of “Au Pair, Oh Paris”. And probably others if you search “au pair France”

  27. Just go. Seriously! This isn’t healthy. I’m so sorry you’re going through this but staying any longer won’t be good for you. Leave in the middle of the night if you have to (or very early morning before they awake). Or call a friend/someone you trust to come & help you move out.

  28. I used tinder. I had both genders and explicitly stated I was looking for queer friends as well (I’m queer). Also met people from my German language class. Best of luck!

  29. The kiss triggered Guy’s character in the SECOND round. In the first, it was when he him & Millie passed each other. Literally the girl of his dreams (he even heard her humming/singing Mariah Carey for example). That starts everything. The next day he tries to order a new coffee drink which triggers something in the barista too. Hope this clarifies it!

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