Well Fellow Apes. I think I found something BIG. Seriously. GTF in here. *Market maker ALGOs and PUMPERS* Part 1

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Big DD: Why BBBY defaulted on ABL credit with JPM

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  1. In the name of liquidity. Why don’t we do it for all assets?? Houses/ cars/ food ??

  2. No one is buying hahah! Have you seen how many shares I have bought

  3. This is complete manipulation. I mean If this is not manipulation then I don’t know what could be classified as manipulation

  4. So 80% short and millions ftd :) I mean you gotta be dumb to not see this

  5. All media outlets using a single stock photo because they were probably paid off by SHFs to berate BBBY. This whole practice seems very un-American. Unbelievable what they can still get away with. The main stream media needs to be gutted.

  6. Hollyyyyy duccckkkkk - it’s like the biggest attack. I don’t think I have even seen something like this on GameStop

  7. They stated in their comment to you the post needs to pertain to BBBY. All you talk about is GME. Did you mean to make that post in WSB?

  8. 100% also the timing is spectacular. When everyone is most bearish they pumped everything to get all put options otm and while creating more liquidity for themselves.

  9. Why is this post getting downvoted! I don’t think I have seen something like this before.

  10. It's completely irrelevant, you mean. Just because someone named a coin BBBY doesn't mean it has any connection with BBBY.

  11. If long in a stock and you know it's getting shorted to oblivion, don't buy it's tockenized counterpart. Sound about right? I don't get how the two can mirror each other in share price if they're independent of eachother as far as buyers/sellers. Assuming they're independent of eachother being on different platforms/regulations.

  12. Good question. I don’t think we can trust the oracles here for price. I think price is what they want it to be bi directional

  13. The issue I have with it all is it’s very plausible but it also means every single person except a small band of retail need the music to keep playing. It’s essentially trillions of dollars both real and fake making sure that keeps going. Everyone that has a passing interest in Wall Street: banks, hedge funds, market makers, pensions, law makers, the sec, literally everyone against maybe a couple million folks with one billion dollars in DRS’d shares. Obviously I really need them to win because I broke all the rules and invested more than I can afford to lose in this but dang I’m not going to say the odds are in our favor!! Merger Monday would change my whole life.

  14. Huh!! You nailed it. They just can’t have systemic risk. They wil Ldo everything to avoid it, we will not have housing issue this time like 2008, I think we will have stock market / market maker/ prime broker issues of some sort.

  15. Welcome shill!! So tell us how much your bosses paying you? In cash or crypo?

  16. I have known for a long time of their criminality and knew this clusterfuckery was true. And although we knock them, these are Ivy League educated criminals. So any doubt in my mind would be how much crime the SEC and DOJ would turn a blind eye to, and would it be enough to bend us over and violate us. To me, the answer is “no” but only because we have (at least) one trustworthy billionaire in our corner who will not be bullied or cowed. The accomplishments of apes in revealing the magnitude and complexity of this criminal entrerprise is unprecedented and as impressive as it gets. But if Papa Cohen was not in the picture, the amount of money, power, and subversive governmental control possessed by hedge funds would overwhelm. Lawsuits would be rigged and stalled for years as the funds would obstruct. RC and friends can hire better lawyers. The kind that are as skilled in their profession as the white shoe shills, but have the law and truth on their side.

  17. I agree about RC 100% and I am sure there are many many good billionaires there as well.

  18. What else are people supposed to do while waiting for quarterly earnings and DRS numbers? Hype dates, tin foil theories, and tweets keep this sub active and engaged.

  19. Exactly! Gme is definitely making moves, we just don’t know what moves so it should be out job to look at things and present known facts.

  20. Agreed! We need to do what this sub is good at! Get people excited! Come up with data driven / facts driven theories even if they are wrong. And if they turned out to be wrong then accept they were wrong

  21. How is this person still allowed on the group?? Should mods act? This is bullying and abuse.

  22. BR could vote against selling Baby or a merger, but since BBBY defaulted on the JPM bond they are "forced" to act without asking shareholders. That's a brilliant move!

  23. 100% —- they have recalled all shares to vote. Why would you leave money on the table…

  24. Important to note that the Blackrock filing was an amendment on the voting rights. Meaning last Friday filing showed 0 voting rights, which means that Blackrock would lend out the shares. Since yesterday they are not lended anymore and they have voting rights.

  25. Blackrock and Vanguard bought shares on the 12th to "No" vote the sale of assets. I bet you a ton of other companies did the same thing. The technical default forces BBBY to sell assets without question.

  26. Also, don’t forget we saw a jump in share price around 12th most likely due to black rock and vanguard buying.

  27. All these fuckers saying they sold and talkin shit to us....like why the fuck u even here then if ur position is gone. Let us fucking decide for ourselves

  28. Just had a nice Convo with a shill and he deleted all his comments 🥺

  29. Ok now post her long history of chapter 11s, im tired of this sub only posting highlights. Post both sides of the story.

  30. Happy to lean more, would you be able to post about the chapter 11. It’s important for us to learn ?? Please

  31. No, the 10-Q that BBBY filed that states they're defaulting is the truth teller. Facts don't care about your feelings.

  32. So you only spend you time on gme meltdown? Why are you here? To teach us where to invest our money? Tell us please ?

  33. I spend most of my reddit time there, yes, along with on the stop drinking sub offering support and encouragement to people, and a few others.

  34. Still don’t see facts.. unless until I see facts, you are a shill. Ok tell me why short interest is 80% ?? Why ctb in 100%? Why?

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