1. Running on normal fuel. The A380 can't maintain level flight on a single engine, it's basically a powered glider at that point. Even two engine operation is limited to pretty much "My other two just fell off."

  2. Every single commercial aircraft in the world is required to be able to operate on one engine for the duration of its longest route and land safely.

  3. Do you mean the third one that Greg Lloyd was wearing?

  4. lets say there is a cardboard box, i give you 100 bucks to beat that box with a baseball bat. would you do it? of course.

  5. No, I think South Land Park was probably racially covenanted too, except for the Eichler homes of South Land Park Hills (Eichler refused to use racial covenants.) The Pocket was an agricultural area well outside the city limits, and there were Japanese and Chinese farms there.

  6. There are many elderly Asian people in my neighborhood that have lived here for decades (South Land Park Terrace). Is it possible my neighborhood wasn’t racially covenanted because it’s too new?(1950’s builds mostly). I noticed when I moved here six years ago there are also many Asian owned businesses on freeport near me.

  7. Angels stadium is 10$. Or you can park across the street at Golden Road for 5$ or at Noble Brewing Co free.

  8. It's nowhere near on par. The F150 weighs between 4,020 and 5,740lbs. And the Lightening weighs in at 6,015lbs; which is still over 1,000lbs lighter than the Rivian's 7,148lbs

  9. F150 lightning Platinum which has similar features weighs 600lbs less. 10 bags of concrete doesn’t put a truck in another class.

  10. I’m sorry, I know this sounds like bitter homerism but Pat Hoberg directly contributed to every run scored in the 8th and onward

  11. So the majority of Braves fans acknowledging this is heartwarming. I think all fans just want to see a fair game.

  12. My A/C went out two weeks ago. Had an appointment to get it replaced on Friday of this week, but it just got rescheduled to next week.

  13. It’s probably the capacitor, a part that is easily replaced and costs less than $100. Literally plug and play. Look up you ac model number and call one of the many parts suppliers locally that carry it.

  14. Worked for me back in 2017 and Although handy I had no HVAC experience. Also there are many YouTube videos on it. Good luck!

  15. Which lord and savior? There have been hundreds over the years.

  16. Just change the name to car mortgage at this point ffs. I also have no idea how, when times are this tough, I'm seeing brand new loaded up F150s which are like 70-80k CDN literally everywhere. I thought everyone was broke?

  17. I live in Sacramento, Ca. The ford dealership on the north side of town has a fully loaded electric F-150 platinum and it’s listed at 124k USD. That’s about 25% over MSRP! The monthly payment is more than my mortgage.

  18. Terrible title. The property owner is an LLC in Delaware that owns property in east sac. Some asshole investment company is trying to overturn a voter approved measure because they don’t like it.

  19. Camilo, couldn’t you just have recorded back to back saves on 10 pitches?

  20. Drove right by it on my way to Fortune. Fire dept was on it before I even saw the smoke. Sounds like they arrived just in time.

  21. It's not an adjustment they would have to make anyway. They type of pitcher they're talking about can exist right now, but they'll never be effective. There's nothing stopping male pitchers who max out in the low 80s from being in the big leagues. There just aren't any because they never made it past college or the low minors without getting shelled.

  22. More likely a competitor who doesn’t want to lose business but also wants to have the county preemptively give the ok for them or any other business to invest in this service as well.

  23. He's just running again so he can say all the criminal complaints and charges against him are political in nature and not true. How his supporters don't see thru his bullshit is beyond me.

  24. I took my elderly grandfather to the Benjie Molina no run scored HR game about 15 years ago and we sat in club level on the third base side to minimize the wind for a night game. The staff led us to an elevator when I asked for walking impaired access. I’m sure their are options if you ask the staff to help you out.

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