1. Hoping for an announcement any day now...

  2. Khaldor said after HI that he's most likely going to make something happen before the end of the year, but nothing specific yet. I've seen that he's casting a Taiwanese tournament now.

  3. Anyone know when VODs for this will be released? I’d love to catch up with the games!

  4. The first two matches are already up on

  5. The post itself links to the website (or you can

  6. I believe one of the admins on Khaldor's Discord said that the replays are going to be published. I haven't seen anything uploaded yet, but hopefully soon.

  7. Is bahamut or Jazzalane streaming the games? I couldn't find last weekend vods on their accounts.

  8. They're streaming right now. There was no NA qualifier last weekend, they had a break week and are a week behind EU now.

  9. Any news on if Khaldor is casting these replays?

  10. He said he would, no idea when though.

  11. Will add soon, thanks! Wrote the post yesterday and it wasn't on Liquipedia yet.

  12. Not sure where to start. Accidentally found Pallys A-z vids and fell in love with this game. Any casual guidance would be great. Thanks

  13. Since this is the esports thread, if you're looking for some amateur competitive play, you should try

  14. Did khaldor stream xcup 9? Vod isn't on his channel...

  15. No, he couldn't stream this one; I don't think anyone was casting it. I've seen that Hasu was streaming has POV, maybe there were more too.

  16. Is there an explanation anywhere for why the CCL LAN was canceled?

  17. https://twitter.com/HeroesHearthCCL/status/1544350396126306305

  18. We definitely want to get rid of the Overwatch Cosplay/Hogger theme we currently have, as it's rather outdated. We're not yet sure what we want to do, but it'll happen eventually.

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