1. I really understand where you're coming from

  2. OP I hope you protect yourself pretty well Base on how you describe her. Shell fight you for everything and use your twins as a leverage.

  3. I recently became sexually active this year and use condoms. But she wants me to use hormonal methods because condoms and pills are still unreliable apparently (which I guess they can be with human error) but I hate that I have to sacrifice my body just so that she feels better. I’m not even going to stop using condoms either way since me and my partner are good with them :\

  4. Im confuse are you guy or a gal?

  5. You took the subreddit too literal

  6. There are a bunch of articles on introvert/extrovert relationships. It might be good to find some and have him read them. There are some good explanations on how introverts recharge by being alone and extroverts recharge by being together. My husband I are both introverts and we’ve learned the fine art of being alone on the same couch lol :)

  7. Damn I love that, being alone in the same couch is just the perfect way to describe it introvert romance hahaha.

  8. She doesn't want to go if he can't go. I paid the tickets and are nonrefundable or transferable

  9. Just enjoy yourself man on a cruise that you paid for. This is a red flag

  10. If you havent invest in her ult yet 4pc shimenawa is ok for now

  11. wow. I'm still at friendship level 5 (nearly 6). how did you get it done so fast?

  12. Do everything on coop mode Then farm companion exp using random quest near cecilla

  13. I abused the enedora event too but not the alchemic crucible

  14. He's fun. He can still clear 36 abyss if that's your concern. He can also go up against bosses no problem. My usual comps with him are

  15. I can kill Andrius just fine with my Xiao team. People don’t give Xiao’s Normal attack damage enough credit.

  16. Do daily commission in Co-op and everything that consume resin like Talent book/Artifacts/Bosses/Leyline in coop. Every claim give double friendship exp in coop. That's how i always max my new characters I've obtained within 3-4weeks

  17. Dont forget katheryn commission rewards I posted mine 4 days ago

  18. How are you guys doing it so fast.......

  19. yes, i cut the video too short but this is how

  20. you're the second who said that haha

  21. Sacrifice some cr to CD and ER, ER is too low really

  22. I like some er too but I like my crit ratio as of now I would raher to put my def stat to er if thats posible This kind of crit ratio is minimum requirement for me

  23. Yeees raygust on the top of what you said Custom thrusters of yukimura Im really excited on how they works

  24. Doing 4 person coop for dailies and farming the Inazuma dog(a random mission that gives you 15 exp each time that you can farm 10 times a day) can get you to level 10 pretty quickly.

  25. Youre right about the dailies and resin burn I do it in coop to make it multiplied by 2

  26. Wow mad respect, how did you get him to lvl 10 so fast? I just reached lvl 6 today 😅

  27. 2 player mode Everything is times 2

  28. Try this Do your commission while coop You'll get 120 each quest instead of 60 But the reward you get from Katherine not included

  29. Normal midden trigger yes Reiji will wipe Hyuse

  30. Reiji didn't use his full arms against Hyuse and yet Hyuse was humiliated by Reiji.

  31. First of all Reiji didnt humiliate Hyuse youre too liberal to the word humiliate. Yes hyuse he took a punch but it barely did anything, on the other hand all hyuse did was put magnetic shizz on his arms and he cant hide anymore.

  32. context: just got my 2nd jade spear, it was an extremely early pity (20 pity) on the weapon banner. my 1st one came home in august on the standard banner ehe

  33. If i were on your position ill refine it But only because my 2nd carry is yoimiya And I have no use for another pjws tbh I have R5 deathmatch which is on par on r1 pjws

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