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'Unconscionable': House Committee Adds $37 Billion to Biden's $813 Billion Military Budget | The proposed increase costs 10 times more than preserving the free school lunch program that Congress is allowing to expire "because it's 'too expensive,'" Public Citizen noted.

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  1. I support young people transitioning because 1) I hate kids and 2) most of my stocks are in pharmaceuticals

  2. This physique is a bit of a stretch to attain naturally. You have to have really good genes and even then I don't you would look like this. This seems a bit too shredded. But on the bright side, you can definitely attain like 80 percent of this naturally for sure. Imagine this, but less.

  3. How old is this guy? His physique is akin to someone in their late forties or 50s. Older people who work out tend to have this physique where the skin looks saggy.

  4. This can't be real. His neck is really long. Imagine him not being as buff but with the same neck and without his traps. Is this photoshop?

  5. I mean do sight enhancers count as natty? Since you aren't actually putting on any muscle with them?

  6. Although this body you can achieve as a Natty, this 20 year old is probably not natty.

  7. I highly doubt an airline would tell their employees to do this and risk a big lawsuit. I don't think they trust their employees enough to be able to do this and not get caught.

  8. So abortion illegal. Next contraceptives illegal… is this the great Christian jihad to fight population decline?

  9. This is the only time that I want big Pharma to lobby and bribed the politicians so that their birth control pills don't get banned.

  10. This guy needs to resign. Everything was fine and now we are going to have riots and with riots comes violence and possibly death. He knows this will upset the people, but he gave no fucks. As long as he gets what he believes in he doesn't care what happens to people. Why do we have this kind of person in power? We need to petition to get this dude removed asap.

  11. I feel angry that the majority of people were against this but it went through anyway. Even a good number of conservative people are against this. The members of the Supreme Court are going by their own beliefs and are ignoring the masses which is akin to a dictatorship.

  12. She’s spot on tho. I’d argue that the Supreme Court is also illegitimate with Thomas still in office. He is more than complicit to Jan 6 and Trumps attempted coup. His vote should be thrown out and him forced to resign. Biden should be given the option to choose another progressive to the court.

  13. So after reading a few of the comments, it seems some men are saying they would put the child up for adoption. So let me get this straight, you want to pass along the responsibility to someone else and do nothing while you get to I guess feel good about yourself because you didn't kill a fetus?

  14. Hell yeah brother! We did it! Fuck those women who didn't have a choice in pregnancies by getting themselves raped. Make those women pay by taking care of their rapist's child, that will show them. I really hope more women's rights are going to be taken away.

  15. "You have one year until we come and enslave your species. Do not waste this time preparing to fight us as your technology and weapons are 1 million years behind ours. We suggest using this time to spend with your loved ones as you will most likely will be separated based on your individual attributes"

  16. I had a friend who met this girl and she Invited him over to hang out with her and one of her guy friend at his house. They were drinking at the house and suddenly my friend started to not feel well and was in and out of consciousness. He didn't even drink much either. My friend has a very high tolerance to drugs and alcohol so he knew something wasn't right. Due to his experience with a plethora of drugs, he knew something was off and immediately told the girl to grab his phone and call his brother to come get him. The girl kept telling him that it's okay and was reluctant to call, but even in his state he was able to get her to call. His brother came and picked him up and he never saw that girl again.

  17. 55% of the military's budget is going to Private Sector Military Contractors. That's around $400 billion a year. Maybe we all should create our own Private Military Contracting company and use the funds given to us by the government to start feeding the school kids ourselves..

  18. This game started development 10 years ago. So if you had a child 10 years ago and they were in kindergarten, your kid will almost be done with high school right about now and preparing for college and this game probably won't even be released when your kid graduates college.

  19. I used to go to school in the bad part of town where he kids are ghetto AF and would either be in a gang or hand family that were in gangs but those same kids never hit a teacher no matter how mad they got.

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