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  1. Is it just a suspicion or is this cast a lot older than season 1s? I thought most in season 1 were in their mid to late 20s where this season seems to be mid 30s mostly.

  2. That's my experiance as well. Women really are very superficial and shaving it of never quite gets the same effect.

  3. terribly amazing thank you very much

  4. Its because many many many men are extremely entitled, emotionally immature and WEAK. They learn that their whole worth and value in society comes from how many women they can penetrate. With that perspective, every woman that they can’t have sex with means they arent worth shit. most of them are literally 10 yo little boys in a 25yo men body... really.

  5. Maybe “God” (pure counciousness itself) made billions of different simulations and this one we are living it’s just one of them. But god is also THE simulation, everything is made of “god”, we the characters of the game too, the props, the animals the stars and the one who’s behind it is also god... it’s very weird but it’s a trip I had

  6. 100% ! I was once an atheist and then I tried lsd for the first time ... from them was simply impossible to Not believe in something else than material/physical realities. And it’s been 4 years and changed the course of allll my decisions, everything absolutely everything changed for the best from that day , when I had the confirmation that the spiritual world is a billion times more real than what we humans call reality ❤️❤️ I loveee god and Love that it put some psychedelics on earth

  7. Awesome! Jim carrey (he suffered from depression for years) has a good quote on this- “Depression is your body saying, 'I don't want to be this character anymore. I don't want to hold up this avatar that you've created in the world. It's too much for me,'” ... what I understand from this is that we believe and identify with a very negative thought creation of ourselves and the world and our bodies are like “nooope I don’t want to live this way, change your believes or we will suffer (I’ll deplete us from serotonin!!!)” ... and I agree with him :)

  8. The type of shit i see on this subreddit...

  9. I think I read somewhere that there's a link between porn use and balding. I'm glad mother nature is trying to look out for us, making porn addicts physically unattractive and with non-functioning dicks.👍

  10. If i took shrooms around my parents I would start feelin depressed at how miserable they are

  11. DAMNNN YES !!! I feel it in my soul and immediately feel irritated cause the ones in my nwighbourhood do it for a long time , several times a day And many of them at the same fucking time

  12. Too many Trigger sounds - trucks, motocycles, toc toc with nails, other peoples loud music, people blabling kids screaming babies crying, furniture moving in the apartment above me and of course any construction noise, people who talks too loud for too long, dogs barking, buzzing AAAAAAAAAA

  13. Hey! That’s a beautiful existential question actually ... I don’t know if you will believe me but the simple fact that your exist is already amazing per se... without you, the universe wouldn’t be complete. I believe that life doesn’t really need meaning because life is the meaning enough itself...but don’t ignore you existential questions, They will lead you in the right path :) Thank you for being here 🙏🏼

  14. Glad to hear you had a good experience. It seems everyone latches on to their own conceptions for all the answers. Explore and find what resonates for you. In my opinion, whatever resonates is really just an expression of it who you are and that's the point of everything. For the universe to experience you. Personally I like taoism/zen/vedanta hinduism. Here's some of the "answers" to your questions through this lens. Though in this viewpoint there really aren't any real answers. Thinking about this stuff is really just for fun. Words are too clumsy to describe reality as it is.

  15. I see a lot of posts about yoga and i really wanna try it out! However, I’m so inflexible, will that improve with yoga or am i just destined to be a tinman all my life lol?

  16. Hahaha I can guarantee you that you will improve with yoga, the more you practice you will actually see the progress and it’s beautiful 🌸🌸it’s a little painful but with time it will become more pleasureable and Your back/spine will thank you forever

  17. Hi! I’m also in this journey. I got a rose quartzo little egg to heal, reading books of tantra and practicing touching my own body with love and affection. Yoga, Pilates, streching exercises or some martial art helps us to feel our bodies and know it better. But I think the most important part is in the mind actually , just letting go of everything that people who hate themselves teaches me about self image ... hug yourself. Anyway, self Love is a very direct path to leveling up cause when we know nothing is better than this feeling and that WE can be the source of it... no need to search for it externally 💕 Sexuality to me is the energy of life , vitality and pleasure with your own body So much more than genitals and fluids production

  18. Derealization may ironically be a coming to reality. It's debilitating because this culture and society have not prepared you for it. We live in a psuedo-religious veil which reduces the vast multiverse into a small mythology, within which we are purposeful characters in a meaningful world. A world which is the center stage of reality, with a benevolent humanoid creator just beyond the edges of the solar system.

  19. Exactly!! Very beautifully put! Who is truly afraid is just the ego, the caracther discovering that is nothing but it, it’s hurts cause it knows now that it was living a lie :) aaand will try in every way to not “die” again but the soul is like Wooohoo this mf is finally awakening from the matrix!! Haha but we all have to realize that everything in the universe is weird, there’s notthing “normal” about a ball of fire levitating in the sky but here we are looking at the sun everyday ... for OP - just accept, surrender to your fear and pain, feel it, don’t be scared of going insane, cause I promisse in the end is all good , you will understand someday, and feel proud and brave and blessed to have been shown the truth ! it’s ok...keep practicing this and I guarantee eventually you will let go of all the fears ❤️

  20. AHAHA i can relate, the last asshole I fell in love with it’s exactly like this drawing and diminished me while praising semi naked models (strangers) on the internet Also, his head is literally shaped like an American football ball

  21. I read the link, they reee’d pretty hard. I don’t have hope for them tbh but I just speak out to save women or at least they are making an informed decision.

  22. I'm really interested to hear your reasoning for why you can't be spiritual and also believe in free will. Maybe I misunderstood what you mean but my spirituality is pretty centered around freewill.

  23. Free will in which way? Like, What’s the relation your doing with the acceptance thing? :)

  24. Aww that’s so beautiful ! I heard a spiritual teacher saying that life is just flowing, is just happening, the universe has been doing it’s amazing crazy job for trillions of years, without our control over it, there’s a much bigger intelligence behind this whole thing and is very well organized,you don’t need to think about anything besides your own state, your vibration, let go of everything else...

  25. My bad trips are straight up horror with no realizations, so i can’t relate to the post.

  26. Hii guys ! If you have tendencies to experience bad trips, always use when you’re feeling good and in a completely safe environment, comfortable and fluflly. Also be open to feel “bad” and repeat that it will pass like everything does. But my key advice is to have diazepam (a farmaceutic sedative) pills around. Take it and in 20 min the acid effects will start to ware off (that’s what they give for who’s having psychotic episodes in the hospital, but directly in the veins) . Ps- sorry my English not a native and have a great day !!

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