1. For me it was exploring my bi side while focusing on a hot girl

  2. Fuck em at the same time if you wanna, life is too short

  3. That’s my sister handled that predicament once

  4. Me and my friend have shared a girl and took turns. Once I got to go third after a friend and another guy with a random girl from a bar

  5. I got to be middle of these once. Wasn’t as coordinated as this one but still a fun experience.

  6. I have the 5 pack of those. They’re cute and comfortable but they don’t hold up too well.

  7. I've heard that. It's a good thing I really only bought them to be cute. They photograph well. ;)

  8. They are super comfy and thankfully not super pricey so not knocking the product. I usually just wear em around home or to sleep with just a long shirt. Mine last wayyy longer than some other pairs I guess bc of that

  9. I actually don’t understand “cucks” myself but I do like getting sloppy seconds. Personally I don’t do it for the humiliation or anything like that. I’d imagine there’s some pretty fucked up psychological stuff behind that. In my case, I just like pussy that extra warm and super lubed up.

  10. My sister does this. She says it’s her fantasy to hold it in long enough to invite a different guy over for sex and have him slide in without knowing there’s cum in her pussy. She says she’ll never do it without telling the other guy but just a fantasy.

  11. I guess this is something to put on my bucket list

  12. Damn this last guy had a lot of good writing! Putting me to shame. For me I was just getting sloppy thirds from a bar girl that reeked of cigs and booze. My friend was second and a pretty much random guy was first. I was dumb to participate considering I easily could have gotten a myriad of STIs

  13. I’ve never had a FFM but had several MFMs I WAY prefer that even tho I’ve not had two girls. Most of my 3somes were with close friends so we were very comfortable sharing a girl together

  14. I got to be middle one time. Wish it was this organized

  15. I just drunk with other drunk strangers. Ha g out long enough and it’ll be come a sex party.

  16. Me and my friend have wanted to do this soooo badly but sadly best we ever did was with a fleshlight. I have done it one time with an ex girlfriend and a different guy but it overall wasn’t a great experience.

  17. I have several pairs of pink underwear. Pink is cute

  18. Agreed! I got to do this once sadly the other two guys weren’t super close friends but we def did it raw and all finished in her

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