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  1. damn I would love to know this for the future but I just used Origins to download my games again. 👀

  2. Origins. I started uni in 2013. One of my uni friends told me it is free on Origin and I should try it out. I did and it got me through a big depression episode. Due to pcos and family trauma I always have parts of my life with heavy depression and DAO got me through one. And also that game started my gamer life :D

  3. thank you! I was lurking this forum ever since choosing this keyboard. Love looking at everyone's keyboards 🤩

  4. Yeah there are alot of incredible builds out there. One tip I can offer, build what you like and dont let people tell you what you should like or whats the best for you, 99% of this hobby is subjective.

  5. thank you 😊 probably I won't or can't really listen what I should like, only just advices 😅 it is not a cheap hobby and I am in the middle of moving lol

  6. as a character, I like her. It is great that she is not the idol I thought she would be after Varric's point of view. I like how I can be an ass to her but still know she is great at her trade.

  7. this is kingfakey’s (tumblr) october cc haul post, and he links all of the cc he uses in his outfits underneath them!! he makes posts like this at the end of every month, i always download almost everything off of his posts :)

  8. we worked with floppy disks in school but it was the time of CDs already...now my 7 yrs younger sister was the first generation of "is that a printed save button" type of kids lol

  9. One is a purple wannabe cat working in the capital of the land of contracts.

  10. This is only one room! It’s called “Fairy Kitchen” by ciBoggs

  11. They scaled down the ceiling lamp from the witch pack. The orb stayed behind at their place :D

  12. The scarf and bag are definitely seperate, I probably should of noted that somewhere. This is also the only picture I have of this dress which means I can't even reverse image search cause it's my own screenshot.

  13. do you remember where did you take that screenshot?

  14. You don’t fight darkspawn until after Mahariel awakes. Duncan confirms that the mirror infects both Tamlen and Mahariel. And, given what we’ve learned since, that does tie into hints of lore about where (physically) the Blight came from.

  15. can you point me where can I read about this more? I totally missed or forgot this part. I remember the mirror giving Blight to HoF anf Tamlen but the other part not.

  16. It’s more a combination of things and theories. Things like the Blight definitely seeming to come from the Fade, which the eluvians sort of connect to. One of the evanuris (the old elven gods) went to “the abyss”, the realm of the “forgotten ones”, and came back maddened in a way that implied corruption. Corypheus claimed he found the centre of the Fade as it was- already corrupted by blight. I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t remember right now (I’m half asleep and it’s not something I’ve looked into extensively myself), but there’s a few scattered things which all come together to imply the same thing- the Blight is in the Fade and potentially has been since before existing records. It’s a theory at this point, but one that seems likely.

  17. wow thanks! I am just getting into listening to more lore and read the books a year ago. still learning :D

  18. I am so happy for you. I mean you can stand up and move on! You are strong and can handle it! Let them to believe what they want. Focus on yourself and your child, heal ❤️

  19. Thank you so much :) I’m planning on it!

  20. Good luck, I only have enough pulls saved for one try, so I'm also hoping.

  21. thanks. I am hoping but to be honest I see almost no chance of getting Nahida. welp...maybe next time. I hope she has a rerun sooner than later.

  22. I remember when I read all the "this will be our house!" comments lol

  23. Emagot kerülni kell; mi is és ismerős is beszívta vele. Nekünk 1 hónap után voltak kegyesek kiküldeni a billentyűzetet, amit rendeltünk.

  24. Őszintén ismerek pár embert akinek kevés a nettoja, de azok közül mindenki másodállással rendelkezik vagy feketén kiegészíti. El nem tudom képzelni a létezest 300k nettó alatt úgy, hogy az kielégítse az ember igényeit és ne kelljen mindig lemondani valamiről.

  25. jelenleg változóban a helyzet, mert Pestre tervezünk költözni párommal, de:

  26. Vegtelen respect ha havi 30k-bol kijon a kaja es haztartas 2 fore. En siman heti szinten tobbet otthagyok a lidl/aldi/teso harmasban, ugyanigy 2 fore. Pedig boven nem minden nap itthoni fott kaja van, emelle meg majd ennyi elmegy etteremre is.

  27. én sokszor eszem keveset (keto diéta), párom meg akkor inkább éhezik, mert úgy van vele attól majd fogy 🤦‍♀️ szóval csak ezért jön ki. sok kicsi moszatot eszünk "hisz úgyis jó húsban vagyunk" (én mondjuk betegség miatt nem tudok lejjebb menni de az már más megint).

  28. I love the Grateful Dead, I first saw them 1976 when I was 14. They became a huge part of my life and social fabric, through high school, through college and when we were young professionals, our friend group planned our vacations around Dead tours.

  29. I hate the music my partner loves (QDance) but I love how pationate he is about this. He always tries to show me videos and stuff, I tell him great (watch a few seconds) and I love him but the music makes my head hurt and irritates me (listening for a whole night makes me have migraines). So enjoy it, I maybe put a headphone on my ears to listen to something else but that does not mean I don't love him or want him miss out.

  30. Update: same recruiter booked a call with my colleague for this morning - missed it because of the train strike in the UK and she had to work from home…

  31. I would really waste her time and be no show for that call if I were your colleague lol

  32. U might want to edit the first part of your comment

  33. Either way Xiang is good with both 😆 This comment thread gave me a good chukle

  34. is it a good/decent weapon for anybody?

  35. It's very cheap to upgrade if you're doing of ballads and brews. It has atk% and an additional bonus for triggering elemental reaction: atk% and elemental mastery.

  36. I am definetely maxing it out maybe it will be good for someone one day or just as an option. I am low spender so I have Deatmatch for Hu Tao/Zhongli and Shenhe has her signature weapon. For Xianling I use Dragonbane if I recall correctly. Otherwise I am mostly sword/bow character user.

  37. I wanted to lose sooo bad to get surely my next one (Nilou or Nahida). And now....I need to lose Nilou to get Nahida 😭 I mean...yeah, he is great but cooome on

  38. Because I wanted Nilou, I wanted to lose my 50/50 to secure her :) I usually can only gather enough primo to get 1 golden/banner or I just run out of time for the second golden.

  39. Anyone know who made the outfit 🙏

  40. I was unemployed for a while in the summer and almost every office job had a similar test. I mean same questions but it wasn't named at all. Especially the 2 insurance interview were like that.

  41. Omg thank you! ❤️ Just got home from a big city trip, this will be great to sleep on :D

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