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  1. Wanted to clear a few things up for people assuming and not understanding. It appears the water is coming from above the tank signifying a cracked tank. Or he overfilled it and has it flooding the floor inside the unit. There's no pressure flushing with water or filling in normal use that's going to crack any lines or tank. the waste valve at the end of the pipe is what stops the flow there's always going to be the weight of water on the system during normal use. Judging by the scenery (dead leaves on the ground, looks cold) possibly left water in the tank and a cold snap froze the water inside cracking the tank. Or he didn't open the valve while flushing, and the tank expanded and either pushed the rubber gasket out of the toilet pipe or vent pipe or cracked the tank. Lots of common mistakes people make.

  2. Thanks I moved it to 65% and raised the light another few inches. I also have a feeding today.

  3. Download the photone app and see your ppfd don't just do a random height and power level set your ppfd to around 400 to 600

  4. I had an old CJ5 and I’d hose it out but I would avoid the dash. It had drains.

  5. Cj7 owner I wouldn't worry about anything on the dash besides the cheap plastic inserts for the air controls and the volt guage, everything else will be fine. I've had to hose mine off a few times. These things are so basic there's nothing to really hurt.

  6. Quit germinating in wash cloths. 🤔Buy you a cheap roll of paper towels. Also, get you a led light. You can find them for cheap on amazon that’ll pull 100w of power from the wall and be well enough to grow 1 plant without a tent.

  7. Don't see why everyone's mad. Cutout a large source of income and force the government to cut useless programs. Easier on our pockets and we stop dishing out money to people milking the system

  8. Depends on how close your neighbors are. You can do tents with filters but you still can get a slight odor. People knowing and smell is how you get caught. If you're in town with close neighbors I'd say don't risk it but if you're in the country side with more space between houses keep the smell down and you'll be fine with a tent. Unless you're in the south it's usually just a slap on the wrist

  9. How about: what could go wrong not slowing down when you see an obvious obstruction ahead on the highway? Dude didn't even try to start slowing down until it was too late.

  10. You can hear the tires slowing and see the front dip down I'd imagine it was a heavy load he was on the brakes.

  11. Thise look great. Your low stress training is on point. I know it took me multiple grows to get my training that good. Plus you got clones that survived on your first grow? I hope I get to see some of your plants five grows from now.

  12. After I chopped the mother plant some random growth started 2 weeks after being fully chopped. Decided to make 5 clones and keep the ones I liked based on structure. Just some random bag seed from medical bud not sure on the strain but it's hardy as hell from a growing standpoint and smokes nice. Tastes like tums lol

  13. These two are clones from this colorful potent plant I grew I'm looking forward to the fade.

  14. Are you just being a troll now? I just screenshot it on imgur. I said "over a month". OP said "two, three, or more" and I said "two max, if all goes well"

  15. I was replying to the dumbass after you who said 2 weeks left guy is a moron maybe he thought you were him lol

  16. More than 2 max probably around 3 or 4 if you're 20 days into flowering it typically lasts around 60 days give or take depending on color of trichomes

  17. Chlorophyll breakdown from cold temps think of trees in the fall, its the same situation. or its genetics, either way not a problem. Just check your trichomes you want a milky white and amber mixture and it'll be ready to chop. Can use a phone camera zoomed in or some sort of magnifying glass.

  18. The way the clip starts it looks like the PT starts the aggression, is there a little more back story to this?

  19. Looks like he cut him off and wouldn't let him pass, the pt cruiser looks like the real asshole here and pushed someone to their breaking point.

  20. What day of flower are you in, I got fade 30 days in on mine could be normal could be a deficiency depending on how far in you are

  21. Those 2 leaves popping out on the node above will become your new tops after you top the plant if you cut it at the fan leaves you lose that potential. Cut it one more node up. And leave that growth coming out

  22. Good setup besides the Parkinsons filming I'd get some reflective insulation from a local hardware store to focus the light to the plant and not waste it lighting up the room

  23. I love my family but I don't think it's fine to be a send sms option below the step auth last time I reset my password on March 5th and I was able to get a new one and I was wondering if you could give me a status on my tax return like it was never filed for the wrong with the information that we currently have a new phone and can't find my old auth code for the info I sent your check out

  24. You have to anchor it down to keep it down. They don't hold their shape you bend it to unless its been held for a while.

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