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  1. Amazing. Looked at the pic and didn't even realize it was artwork until I saw the caption. Keep it up

  2. Is it painted on a real leaf or is the leaf also created with paint? Does that particular plant’s leaf hold significance with the Buddha?

  3. It's a real leaf. It is said that Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment under the Peepal tree.

  4. Apocalypse is beautiful here 😍, nice work

  5. Nice. I like how you included all the X-Men who were the Horseman - Death.

  6. Thank you! I was going to title it 'Horsemen of Apocalypse' but went with 'Ankh' instead because of the composition.

  7. Wow! Just wow, this would've taken so much time and skill to do it turned out great

  8. Has a real Enter the Dragon vibe. I love it, it's great.

  9. Great job bub. Keep up the good work.

  10. The dog is good, karina and mystio still need more practice but you are already way better than I can ever draw

  11. Thanks. Yeah I messed up Carina's face. The other one is the Summoner.

  12. This is great! I’m a fan of the Polaroid format in picture 3 personally

  13. Hey dude are you alright with me using this as my wallpaper on my phone it’s so cool

  14. Yeah sure. Just remember 'Credit where credit's due'.

  15. Love the colors and shading on this OP! Great work

  16. DUDE! It's still such a great result even without the equipment! You did great work on it all around, especially near Deadpools face; you can tell just what kind of expression he has even w/o the mask

  17. I almost tore through the paper trying to fix his face smh. Thank you fellow summoner.

  18. (2 to 4-Star Champion) ∪ [(Gold) ∩ (Battle Chips) ∩ (Units)] ∪ [(Level 2 Health Potions) ∩ (Level 3 Health Potions) ∩ (Level 1 Revive) ∩ (Energy Refill) ∩ (Small Energy Refills) ∩ (Tier 2 Class Catalyst Crystal) ∩ (Tier 4 Basic ISO-8)]

  19. I'm training with her against WS but when I tried to do the Ghost style sp2 it didn't go unblockable. Do you have to wait after dashing back?

  20. Sell everything in your stash, and that number will go away

  21. I wonder how long it took you to find that korg image.

  22. That for my friends and I on mcoc, whenever we go against those champs, they always cause lag issues because of their specials and so on.

  23. Does he really need to be r5 though? I have Sym Sup and Claire, both at r4.

  24. Looks good!!! Have you read any comics featuring Iron Fist? [+]

  25. No I haven't. I wanted to, but there aren't many comic stores around and online just doesn't feel the same.

  26. Wow. 2 months later watching one of his video, I remembered this convo and searched all videos from 2 months ago and finally found it. Thanks a bunch.

  27. The Flower Council Order of the Black Lotus shall decide your Fate.

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