1. Oh awesome! Yeah I'm mainly into 70s-80s rock type stuff. Love me an epic power ballad 😁 what do you like?

  2. Lol I work in the Finance industry and I play the cello for a community orchestra 😂

  3. Lemme just….streeeeetttccchhhh my back real quick

  4. Right, the huffing and puffing at the thought of a soft fluffy feather on your skin is you being... Not flustered

  5. Really? To be honest I’ve always thought this thing has been more uncommon than anything

  6. Ive heard, spread eagle, facedown, naked makes you 10x more ticklish

  7. Was sitting in tv room with a woman friend of mine, I was on chair she was on couch next to me. She kept propping her feet on the chair armrest, I told her she did it again she’d regret it so she did to see what I’d do, so I grabbed her ankle and started tickling her a bit. It caused more feelings than I thought it would. Did tease her a bit but ultimately relented. This little interaction was what either awoke the fetish or made me realize just how into it I was.

  8. No kidding! That’s cool that you found out your friend was also into it a bit too

  9. I’m pretty sure none of us chose this peculiar thing to find insanely arousing

  10. That’s why I adjusted the post. Everyone feels differently about it (whether it’s kinky or just something cute).

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