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  1. So what cultural impact is Avatar 2 the way of water leaving other than making lots of money?

  2. If the Floyd video troubled you these videos will break you. I'm so fucking pissed off right now.

  3. Pepsi and spaghetti for dinner pretty often eh?

  4. Meanwhile trying to play it on Nintendo with how they mapped the controller and I can't even get through the first level without a headache. Fuck Nintendo

  5. Their race is cop their gender is cop their zodiac sign is cop their hair color is cop. Nothing about them is human anymore after they put on that badge.

  6. No one cared about Vicious backstory or the character at all whatsoever. The showrunner had his head up his ass and squandered a great opportunity.

  7. Do they forget that Walt Disney was a raging anti-semite?

  8. Definitely don't look up the Florida High School Athletics Association Board of Directors members and send them your used period products or pigs blood.

  9. Saving this video for when someone tells me I'm exaggerating when I say we've reached Idiocracy levels of stupid

  10. By increasing the value of a company, this man is contributing dramatically more to society than the cash he would otherwise hand over at income tax time. Look at all of the employee payrolls created, it is a literal wealth factory that is creating new wealth out of nothing.

  11. You need to pull your tongue off the boot for a minute mate

  12. Just wait until you find out the money in your 401k isn't real either. Don't believe me? Go ahead and try to liquidate it then. I'll wait.

  13. I got it on the switch and it's not worth more than $9

  14. It wasn't a customer complaint it was a shitty coworker. Leave asap

  15. Knowing him he was on cocaine and cocaine was on his cock

  16. Every line of Undertale's dialogue is encased in a single switch statement with thousands of cases.

  17. The self checkout machine at safeway the other day somehow rang up my 8.99 per pound Fresno peppers as 0.89 per pound jalapeños, saving me $36!

  18. This is the best thing I've seen on the internet in 25 years

  19. Got to see him with Stills and Nash a few times at Red Rocks several years back and they put on a hell of a great show even in spite of getting older. Rest in peace Crosby

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