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  1. Things like this you should always talk about first

  2. watching relegation sides beat top teams is always fun except when it's my team :)

  3. Why wouldn't it be fun to see arsenal beat a top team?

  4. Wow its crazy to me that this gives you rebound. Guess everyone is different. Working out, good sleep and no caffeine are the best cure for rebounds for me personally

  5. Bro you such a dork. U probably post comments on pornhub whiteknighting the gril

  6. Homie before you post next time try to articulate a proper sentence before you try commenting. You seem to be the demographic I'm referencing with a sentence structure that looks like it came from an dumb ass that hasn't paid attention to his schooling.

  7. Man why do you give a fuck about correct sentence structure on this subreddit. Look around at the comments lmao. You know exactly what I meant but you just like being a snobby bitch. Stop virtue signalling in a subreddit about big korean titties

  8. I could listen to northern like a podcast. I will never get enough of this man

  9. You probably believe you cant do better but girl there are so many loving people in the world who would treat you way better. If you leave this dude you will see that he will do everything to keep you because he knows he is worthless without you

  10. I agree, but it’s very conflicting because i’d rather have him staying at PSG than joining madrid

  11. I could have written 98% of your post! I had my d-day 2 years ago, I'm now 50 years old. I'm afraid, you are asking the wrong questions... The question you should be asking is "how did I get to this point in my life?". And I can guarantee it is way deeper than "caring for a parent and that life passed me by". Without knowing you at all I'm going to take a guess that:

  12. It’s gotta be even when I’m being dominant and rough i can still be caressing and kissing her all over at the same time it seems to do wonders in personal experience though I’ve only tried it on one woman so idk about others

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