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  1. Can't even lie I did not have the attention span to finish reading this but their first response told me how much of an asshole they are.

  2. Francis Bacon was actually William Shakespear. Or rather William Shakespear never actually wrote anything he was just a popular theator actor Francis bacon used to popularize his works. All in the name of furthering education and improving peoples english. Also the titanic was an insurance scam. Just saying.

  3. My in-laws asked me and my husband to arrange some decorative stones in the garden because we're having a second wedding on their farm😊 I'm from the US and just moved to NZ with him so we had our first wedding with my family and our second is here with his!

  4. Good way for me to never know what fucking time it is.

  5. My roommate threw away my bananas. They were black. Not mad.

  6. It's so you can hang it off your belt loop. Instant syrup access!

  7. I just wanna know what's glowing and pouring out of the water bottle attached to a 2 by 4.

  8. It's so hard to believe this isn't satirical even though in my heart I know its not.

  9. I had taken ONE sip of a Mike's hard lemonade and thought I was gonna die. Worst stomach pains ever I geuss my body just rejects alcohol while pregnant. Took a test n yep.

  10. Fucking up the hierarchy of who eats first. Gonna get the little monkey hurt and yourself.

  11. My take on this is that is how an orange grows. Smaller slices developes between the larger and grows until another small slice appears. That is probably how the outer shell adapts to growing larger.

  12. I found this dildo still being sold in the same box by CalExotics on amazon.

  13. Everything right now. I have covid and eating toast is like eating Styrofoam.

  14. My life got alot easier when I realized nobody owed me anything and if I wanted something bad enough I had to get it myself. The only person you can demand things of is yourself.

  15. Our wedding is in 8 days. Closing the distance officially and having a second wedding in his country two weeks after❤

  16. I used to flirt like this with an aussie girl I met on warzone and we became bestfriends then she introduced me to my husband. Hehe.

  17. Not giving maternity/paternity leave worth a shit. The retail job I worked only offered a 2 week unpaid maternity leave and required special notes and "proof of inability to work" any further than that. Like Jeez what do I do show you my healing wounds? The country I'm soon moving to allows 6 months of maternity leave. The difference shocked me.

  18. My fiance is 7.5-8 inches and we have to be really careful not to bruise my cervix. It's happened plenty.

  19. He videochatted me with his pistol to his head and told me he wanted me to watch and to be the one that had to reach out to his family and call the police to find his body. I talked him down like many times before. He was just trying to get me to come back to him after I'd escaped the years of abuse and manipulation. I didn't come back. He didn't kill himself. Now he's addicted to heroin and most of his old friends are his enemies.

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