1. Had some extra gems sitting about and did it, got an extra Heim out of it at least. I’d still go with Pick and Mix though

  2. Well, offer sheeting RFAs doesnt require draft picks

  3. Pretty much the same, no real rhyme or reason to anything, Mcdavid still cant do anything spectacular even with all 99 offensive stats.

  4. skinnier than i remember

  5. Busmalis is the only pure soul

  6. These types of players ruin any realism in franchise mode though. Nobody has 99 deking and 70 puck control, or 99 speed with 70 acceleration

  7. So many people that should have been brought back.

  8. The beginning of Hostel 2 made Hostel 1 feel pointless due to a character death.

  9. This was such a good movie for the first half or so. Built up so much suspense and uneasy feelings (subway scene, main character going through the city).

  10. Get this guy some damn cheese slices

  11. The only way I see Jonathan winning is if Jeff decides to make it a final two. He beats Romeo in this scenario and thats probably about it. I don't think the jury respects his game.

  12. Yeah, he’s definitely doomed at final.

  13. Nah, don’t flip a mythic for anything other than a mythic or a few other select cards

  14. „spɹɐɔ ʇɔǝlǝs ɹǝɥʇo ʍǝɟ ɐ ɹo ɔıɥʇʎɯ ɐ uɐɥʇ ɹǝɥʇo ƃuıɥʇʎuɐ ɹoɟ ɔıɥʇʎɯ ɐ dılɟ ʇ,uop 'ɥɐᴎ„

  15. Yes, really enjoyable. The 32 second concept was a bit weird but still good.

  16. Alcoholics vs Stoners vs Crackheads

  17. Should Drea have stolen Maryannes idol at some point? She doesn’t know if Mike played his earlier, might have been her last chance

  18. so why wasnt lindsay also playing her sitd?

  19. I really have no idea whos going from either vote.. should be an interesting end

  20. In a full returnee season, I’m sure there are a few bigger threats.

  21. He wasn’t the one who figured it out and was surprised she’d flip.

  22. Best suggestion, is to ignore anyone giving you shit in chat.

  23. There’s no way Tony is winning again.

  24. Probably the 2nd one. A lot of the first one is based around buffing Odin to take a later round, but the door to hell is going to be burning it the entire game anyway.

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