1. I tried the infusions for about 6 months and had a pretty significant increase in my depression. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue it.

  2. That's my biggest concern. I have some pretty significant mental health issues, and I don't want them to escalate

  3. As long as it’s on your radar and you’re keeping track. I just kept crying and was easily upset which is not like me. I wanted to stop and the doctor encouraged me to continue for a couple of more doses. I wish I had stopped sooner. It was a rough summer.

  4. I use an infrared sauna everyday. It helps my symptoms.

  5. Nad but looks like shingles

  6. With your birth control, do you take it continuously, or do you still have an inactive pill week to have a period? If you see some benefits, and still have a period, it might be worth trying taking it continuously instead (no periods at all), with your doctor’s approval of course.

  7. I do take a low dose every day w out interruption and I am still having a period. I even set an alarm and take it at the exact time everyday. My gynecologist said the hope is eventually I won’t have a period anymore but like I said it’s been 6 months. I’m sticking w it though!

  8. I hope things work out for you!

  9. There are no stupid questions

  10. I had a breast lift and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had large breasts through HS (DD) and after 2 pregnancy’s and weight loss they were just a couple of golf balls in tube socks. My rheumatologist and plastic surgeon refused to do implants due to my lupus and although I initially wanted them I’m thrilled w the lift only. I have gained so much confidence and not having to have underwire bras w huge straps to hold them up has improved my pain. I did it for myself and I’m glad I did. Of note, I was off of prednisone at the time.

  11. Air fried tofu is fantastic. Asparagus, potatoes, etc. go for it

  12. Just curious, best pho place in Syracuse?

  13. No question. New Century on Kirkpatrick St.

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