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  1. Baby powder is carcinogenic usually, cornstarch is the active ingredient and does the same thing! Also you can add fragrance to it which is nice

  2. Thank you. I just try my best to make my kids feel loved, heard and appreciated. Breaks my heart that it’s hard for some to do something so simple for someone else - especially children.

  3. As a guy who's mum still would never do this for me, thanks from my inner child for doing this

  4. Still has spousal veto in place which is utterly controlling and wouldn’t be tolerated in any other situation

  5. God is not so boring and misogynistic as to create only two genders

  6. Annoyed that I literally JUST watched this the wrong way around, but tbh I'm still happy to watch the first one and fill it in backwards, almost as if it was a prequel. Works if you think of it that way, if you already made the mistake I did

  7. I live in a supported living facility with 13 other autistic people. The staff all use 'person with autism' and one staff member told my friend he's not autistic because he speaks well. She's supposedly TRAINED in the topic. I cannot. They treat us simultaneously like we are too stupid to realise the bathrooms are gross and the cleaner pretends to clean them, while also expecting us to behave like NT's and not viewing us as autistic

  8. 90% of the time "experts" in autism that aren't autistic aren't experts, they're professionally trained and empowered eugenicists imo

  9. Oh and the rent is 225 pounds a week. Luckily most of us have housing benefit which pays all but 10 pounds of that, but it's so much for 1 room, a bunch of rules about how you use your own house, and not even clean toilets + we were explicitly told we'd have 1-1 support for everything we needed it with- that simply has not happened

  10. Pretty sure this is a fake video or the guy is on something. First off, that's not how you walk with crutches. Second, if your leg is injured, there is no way in hell you are going to lean on said legs on the floor.

  11. No, this is a dangerous message to spread. Disability can look very very different in many ways, and fast chaotic- seeming walking in crutches is actually very common.

  12. They've been better than most recently. I get my domestic news from The I and international from Al-Jazeera (OT but their coverage of the Russian invasion isa breath of fresh air compared to the hysteria of the Western media)

  13. I reccomend Novara Media, they cover trans stuff and that situation VERY supportively. Look up on YouTube

  14. well, personally i wouldn't want my 4 year old to know about it either when theyre that young, strictly because that would probably sound terrifying to a 4 year old and four year olds have no idea how things work. although i highly doubt that's their reasoning, considering how they got mad over that sentence about pandas. what is wrong with this person.

  15. Absolutely not true though. It's very simple to explain a period to a 4 year old. 'Once a month, some people's bodies release a small amount of blood along with their egg, but it's not dangerous like when you hurt yourself' this should of course happen alongside basic explaining of reproduction. Children understand much more than we give them credit for.

  16. I think it'll be scary for any age being told you involuntary bleed. Even the way you explain it sounds scary to young children too, they'll be Terrified of anything. My niece was scared of bubbles lol. Idk why this sweetie got so many down-votes. Sorry just a thought, I mean well

  17. Maybe it's just the way my brain is, but I never felt scared of periods because I never remember not knowing what they were. My mum explained to me, and I was like ok cool.

  18. I think if it's not helping, you need to access the trauma that may have caused the beginnings of the OCD in the first place, and also try smaller steps. Expose to something you find less bad and work up to it

  19. What a mood, same. Best thing to do is not try to ascertain if it's real or not- you deserve to be happy regardless of if it happened or not. You can make choices in the future, the past action doesn't dictate your future, and if you're super worried about it you're not likely to do it again. Give yourself some compassion

  20. Get another opinion. This makes me so angry as it fuels the ocd pain when they deny it

  21. Just had one tonight lol. Mine have been happening every few days though because I’m in a rough spot. This is my first months struggling with this illness so hopefully I can get to where you are and have more peace in between my mental breakdowns.

  22. Yes, just finished one. Think this is pretty normal with OCD. I have various moral OCDs and health and contamination OCD. I have one about once a week atm

  23. You should also get a test for diabetes, just to be sure. Peeing a lot at night is a symptom. If it's not diabetes I'd deffo say it could be OCD

  24. I also came here to say this, I delete everything even my history like my browser history and YouTube history on a daily basis

  25. Yeah this can definitely can be a compulsion too, the need to purge it in case

  26. Yep I screenshot so, so many things. And I feel the kind of fear that something might happen if I don't- that I might need it for some reason. I would probably hoard objects if I didn't have access to a phone and internet

  27. Cancel culture doesn't exist, literally almost everyone that is hated for valid reasons still has a platform. Including Jayus

  28. I rather use the pronunciation people are born with (unless they get offended by it) so I won’t use they/them in case you are wondering

  29. This guys are literally incels and are trying to cope that even after changing their gender they can't get dates.

  30. Nonbinary people deserve love just like everyone else, nobody is forcing anyone to have a date, let's please not let this sub devolve into transphobia just like everywhere else. Pls.

  31. Don't you pay ppl to murder animals? All peta is doing is killing the animals the country doesn't find adoptable. No kill shelters are contributing to the massive overpopulation problem we have in this country. How is anyone supposed to feed that many dogs? Wanna save those animals? Go adopt them.

  32. They have repeatedly abducted pets who already have homes and murdered them, some in alleyways. There are much better animal organisations to support, who don't also spread misinformation.

  33. I'm so done with all of this, as soon as eye tracking ads happen I'm getting a Nokia and buying a bunch of books and CD's and that's it, no more

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