1. Unfortunately for you, the title goes to Suzuki for the JDM Jimny / USDM Samurai

  2. Damn. Who's been giving out secrets?

  3. Plasma has the best theme song change my mind

  4. Oh I'm keeping them lol, I like the outside stock look. I'll add the spats and lower it a bit but that's as much as I'll go for the outside.

  5. How about... You shut the fuck up about it not being JDM. No one cares but you few select people.

  6. It doesn't matter, he still right about JDM. This sub is overrun by the USDM brigade.

  7. Yeah because Japanese cars for usdm are the same exept for the steering wheel being on the other side. What other subreddit would people even go to?

  8. Not entirely true, some JDM even have different engines than their USDM counterparts. Also there's


  10. Hello there fellow Y plate neighbor.

  11. The imposter among us thought she was so smart, so special, and so on. She thought her ability to do whatever she wanted was the reason she was on national TV. She was wrong. No person can truly be that good. No one is as good as they think they are. No one should think they are smarter than they are. The imposter among us is an imposter, which is like a thief. Because she stole the identity of others, and thinks she is better than she really is, she may be a thief or possibly even a killer. She will always be an imposter, and we all know what that is.

  12. ...also Parks & Rec with how Boba Fett came back lol

  13. Bro I'm diamond and I have no fuckin idea lmao. Good luck and Godspeed.

  14. Rhapsody is better than Dragonforce. Slower, but with much better riffs and vocals and everything

  15. No one said DragonForce is better, the poor man just made a meme lol

  16. Give crypto the ability to make a dome like gibby can

  17. exactly lol... then what would the Vantage mains post be like?

  18. Couldn't be more wrong if you wanted too.

  19. TeChNiCaLlY it is USDM but it is a japanese brand, if you could only post real JDM this sub would be dead

  20. That's just saying no with extra steps.

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