1. I use my F1 wheel for everything. It's a bit annoying sometimes when I lose control and don't know where to grab it, but overall it's functional enough that I don't see a need to get a second rim

  2. I used the McLaren rim for nearly a year before I broke and bought the wrc rim. I still use the McLaren wheel more often especially with the Daytona 24 and now the 12 hour coming up, but I think the wrc rim has definitely been worth 200 bucks.

  3. I had forgotten 90s were a thing as well because the times I played Fortnite the most were before 90s were popular and after zero build came out, so I've actually never seen someone do a 90 on a match I've played

  4. 90s were popular so so early on you must've played in the first 2 weeks only

  5. I first saw YouTubers cranking 90s in early season 5 but apparently some sweats have been doing since early-mid season 4, so if we say late season 4 I was already not as invested in the game considering my most played season before returning to the game last year was season 2

  6. You sure it wasn't around in 3? I remember practicing them with my mates at snobby and there's no rocket there.

  7. The worst map of any Forza game easily

  8. Like weoway do in dis time 😡 I gopher mine 😤 I goto shine 🤑 Now put you're hand upto to sky 🤗

  9. Ima geton dis tv 📺📺 mama mama

  10. Okay yes but AS has a tiny amount of cars compared to Forza, and is a realistic sim with full immersion intended. You can’t drive on an upside down hot wheels track in AS. Forza is a borderline arcade game lmao

  11. Assetto Corsa has significantly more cars if you include mods which I do.

  12. A mod doesn’t count. Not made by the devs and may have a lot more or less detail than cars included with the game

  13. I suppose that's a fair assessment.

  14. Insert cartoonish face with jaw dropped comically low

  15. I seriously have no comment

  16. Mmm. There’s a reason voice chat has always been off for me.

  17. I've had plenty of fun with it on

  18. Why so strong? I am only conversing with the others here. That's why I worded it the way I did so everyone would understand that it wasn't a petition, but rather a discussion on ways we as a community had hoped it to go.

  19. Haha statement wasn't meant to be very strong but I can see how it comes off like that which is my fault.

  20. I do sincerely apologize. As I said I've always had issues determining how best to respond to text format with individuals I don't know personally. A failing of my own to be sure, but one I've learned to deal with by simply asking how they meant it. I do appreciate your response and ability to 'not be offended' (is that the proper way to say it? lol)

  21. Don't sweat the tone thing to much, it's pretty tricky for most to pick it correctly and you straight up asking and not just assuming was a very welcome thing.

  22. What do you define as sufficiently alongside? Looks to me like during the entire second part of the chicane the Alpine’s front wheels are in front of the Haas’ rear wheels, is that not enough to justify leaving space?

  23. Not in F1, I cannot remember the correct position so hopefully someone can help out

  24. Brutal, guess I’ve been too nice to people on track haha, I’m always scared of being the asshole so I always give space if there’s any overlap at all.

  25. If you race in a league it's good to check with the admins first btw

  26. idk, other racing sims are fun. iRacing isn't, for me.

  27. Then you aren’t a sim driver simple as

  28. hmm so not enjoying iRacing makes me not a sim driver, despite enjoying ACC and rFactor 2 and Raceroom and Richard Burns Rally?

  29. I apologise I interpreted the before message as you thought all cars felt ‘samie’ that’s my bad.

  30. Context: This incident happened during a league race. The fight was for position and at the end of the race the Honda driver (me) got blamed for not anticipating a slower driver braking into this corner. I'm having a hard time understanding what I should have done differently to avoid this.

  31. You need to go back to ai racing immediately

  32. I disagree. Ai Racing only reinforces issues like this because there no accountability, no real experience of race craft, and human errors effect every race.

  33. You know, those are actually some good points.

  34. They already have a forza game that targets everyone. It's called horizon.

  35. Forza will never be a Sim series

  36. What do you mean outside of F1? I was trying to use math to see how drivers adapt their racing style in the rain as part of a project. Yes thank you I remembered of Spa2021, exactly what I was looking for.

  37. I drive Sims and I'm telling you it's way deeper than a few numbers on a screen could ever tell you

  38. It’s not a sports car, it’s a mustang

  39. A Mustang is definitely a 'cool' car though

  40. it annoys me that the cars considered uncool (a beefed the fuck up beetle, silvia, golf 3/4, whatever) have the most heart put into them meanwhile the bought not built mustangs and jaguars and whatever always get the looks

  41. Maybe it's because a beefed up beetle would suck ass? And because a Silvia rides worse than a Tesla?

  42. Everbody wanted to know what I would do if I didn't win. I guess we'll never know.

  43. Those billboard trucks that drive around doing nothing but churning out greenhouse gases are bad enough, but this is taking the piss, right?

  44. I think we are in a weird time right now where everyone loves to be a critic, but can't move past the "all or nothing" mentality.

  45. The siege of sangheli is one of the best Halo levels ever

  46. Boutta go warp speed with that fov

  47. Aight. u got me good. ur right. respect for that.

  48. We had 20 for a super light tap at bustop :/

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