1. So far we only know 200m but I’m guessing some decent stats and quests completed as well

  2. Very nice mother daughter fashionscape and gzz on first pet!

  3. Just gonna toss some different account builds I could think of that might be pretty fun on a main. 10hp, region locked, one skill at a time, skiller, $ alt, g/e flipping only

  4. Instead of that image of a dress circulating around we will now see yellow vs blue villager sandals

  5. That monks robe bottom (g) you pulled is super rare

  6. I’m gonna toss the idea to kill goblins instead. The same joy of killing something quickly and they drop easy and beginner clues as well as some other decent drops (100-700gp each)

  7. There’s an easy clue step that requires a black axe! Make sure you keep that bad boy for more clues 😎👍

  8. Killed Jad, became Chad. Gzz!

  9. I think south varrock west mine for the silver and then canoe back to lumbridge furnace to make silver bars / tiaras then chronicle back

  10. 83 regular gauntlet for all 6 armor seeds. For CG maybe 20 runs or so for the positive K/D

  11. Had you done it at all previously? I did like 60 regular and have a pretty good KD there.

  12. I finished up 100 regular gauntlet runs to get the t2 prep down and jumped straight into cg. It was also the only thing I did for about 2-months and the muscle memory was nice

  13. Very slim. I think you just made every jmod involved in modelling and animation gag.

  14. Bendulum cracks fingers

  15. 99 con and still have tons of gp left. Most likely will buy runes and 99 fletching to work towards while I do agility

  16. It may sound dumb, but something about it being an official mode (especially with experience lock) makes me actually want to make a 1 def pure for the first time since like 06

  17. And that’s what they want.. new accounts new membership… you’re already falling into the money grab

  18. What? Where does MTX come into this?

  19. Didn’t they mention it’s okay to give accounts away in good faith and not in exchange for currency? Like giving a friend an old account you’ll never play on again.

  20. Also curious about this

  21. Giant rats on tutorial island

  22. Big critic of rwt but this is absurd. Abandon your friends because they’re buying virtual currency, likely to save time? What?

  23. My best friend Timmy of 16 years bought 10m and I was quick to push him down the stairs and never speak to him again /s

  24. Gzz man that’s a lot of chambers!

  25. Bet you are the life of all parties, do you hang around schools to offer 10 year olds races?

  26. You’d be surprised, little Timmy has wheels

  27. 99 herblore and fletching with over 750M in gear. I’m not looking at the combat stats

  28. I green logged the fight caves also just missing the pet

  29. Gnome scarf. I just fucking love my little scarf

  30. I’ve done around 700kc on my pure with 50 attack / 75 strength and it’s definitely doable. 90% of kills I used bow/staff but you’d be surprised how hard the halberd smacks even with low strength

  31. Great minigame with a good pace to it. Keeps you engaged but also has just the right amount of AFK time mining before each round

  32. The only place I mined was lumbridge swamp west mine. Got thousands of coal walking to bank at draynor. I didn’t know how to run

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