1. It’s over Anakin, I have the high ground

  2. This. It’s not as fun as some students think it is.

  3. AC Rouge could've been so many things

  4. It’s still good. Just don’t play it immediately after BF

  5. Where's the inflation clause? I can see this card being worth a lot when $5 buys a single coke can in 2063.

  6. Lol, coke is already almost 5$ at the airport

  7. Ward - Pay 1 land (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, counter it unless that player allows one of their lands to become under your control.)

  8. mmh, it's actually worse (just looking at the 5 common cards market). I've tested your assumption, let see the frequency of having 5 end cards as the starting hand:

  9. Just add a mulligan. If you don’t like the first hand, you can drop it and draw again. It would drop the bad starts from 1:11 to 1:121. Those are still not great odds. So why not let players draw just from the starter cards and then from the full stack?

  10. This is how I would do it. And if it’s a video game, make 2/5 cards playable for sure (say from the early deck) and the other 3/5 fully random.

  11. I have my project on Dropbox lol

  12. Worse than GitHub but better than a physical HDD

  13. May I recommend GitHub/GitLab in these difficult times

  14. This is bullshit. Do Americans here really believe that other 1st world countries have somehow solved mental illness and bullying?

  15. Gun worship IS a mental illness

  16. Maybe that's stupid, but in my country there aren't much measures against bullying, yet we have no school shooting problem.

  17. Yeah but do all your citizens walk around with guns all day /s

  18. See image. This pipe runs hot water through pipes for central heating. A piece of the insulation fell off (it’s 60 years old). Is it dangerous? And should I have a professional just redo the whole pipe? Thanks.

  19. Front loader in europe. Never seen a machine with a separate hot water connection.

  20. Same lol. American minds blown

  21. American here and pretty sure every one I’ve had has had both hot and cold hoses.

  22. European here and every one I’ve ever seen had only a cold tap, then did the heating inside the machine. Same for the dishwasher.

  23. Computer programmers push like 37 buttons tops, then the computer does all the work

  24. AI programmer here. I don’t even press any buttons, skynet does it for me. 💰

  25. He’s the only one unaccounted for. Expect either in MOM or alchemy.

  26. Pic looks like it would flip them right into the next trench without breaking a sweat. The "dragon's teeth" the russians have put up are quite small in comparison to historical examples and also do not appears to be anchored in the ground.

  27. The invoice: used 1 million tons of concrete.

  28. So I looked up the translation and it would be

  29. I thought almost every garage in the Netherlands is technically underwater. Isn't a third of the country a below sea level?

  30. This one is literally below a pool.

  31. As a non American, how do you know he did a good job if you tip before? Isn't a tip supposed to be extra job cause I was given good service? What if I tip and my stuff gets fucked?

  32. It’s basically a tax that may or may not pay for their wage. America is wild. Also is that just a 1.5% tax? We have like 20% on everything

  33. You never know when death arrives, but taxes are periodical and relentless

  34. Unpopular opinion: heavy couponing. I wouldn’t even say it has to get to the “extreme” couponing phase. It just takes so much time, and most of the stores I shop at already advertise “2 for $X” deals without a coupon requirement. Now sometimes I’ll look through ads online and see if there’s something I need on sale (usually an expensive item) and I’ll print out a coupon if I need it, but I haven’t saved enough while couponing for everyday buys. Maybe if you’re a stay at home partner/spouse or have kids it’s different, but couponing for groceries hasn’t made up for the time lost for my house of two.

  35. Couponing doesn’t even work in Europe afaik. You can only use one coupon per product/customer. In that case, sure the 20% of is nice. But not like “I have one thousand stickers so I will buy your entire year supply of hand soaps”

  36. why should Elspeth be in this picture?

  37. oh damn. In my defense, the caption didn't show up until I expanded it. :/ thanks

  38. Half the world supports Serbia in their claim to Kosovo (including some western countries). And Ukraine is also an Orthodox country (who, incidentally, also supports our claim to Kosovo). The right's obsession with Russia is embarrassing and illogical.

  39. Ukraine is having a bit of an identity crisis with their orthodoxy at the moment, arresting orthodox priests for spying, moving away from the church of moscow and celebrate Xmas in December with the western world.

  40. Religious extremists. Next they tell us how they're bringing back communism.

  41. you actually have a point. I live in Serbia and I hear plenty of Serbs talk about their "Orthodox brothers", and that Russians are the only ones who support their claim on Kosovo. And that "the West" is against them.

  42. Why not use the clean original tho

  43. The video edit and the music make it more appealing to a mainstream TikTok audience.

  44. When you graduate from Times New Roman but not quite ready for Arial Black.

  45. Milling represent insanity and/or dementia iirc. Nice to do to create some space in the minds of your victims.

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