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  1. Why George Michael, did he make the beat?

  2. They've found fish traps in Australia made by the aboriginals between 10 and 40k years ago. Nice try tho

  3. Tasmania are going to struggle with design concepts over the years given the treatment of their Indigenous people.

  4. my opinion aside about the name "tasmania" being fucking stupid in a national comp- i havent read the description, but would there be an indigenous name for the entire state? unsure how tazzy works with that stuff, interested to know if much different than the rest (one area/town etc)

  5. It's right there on this jersey, Lutrawita is the palawa kani name for the whole state. I'm curious, what don't you like about the name Tasmania in a national comp? Is it because it's the only team named after a state? I believe it was an intentional choice to unite the parochial north vs south rivalries and create a brand that all Tasmanians can get behind, unlike the Hobart Chargers in NBL1 and the long defunct NBL club Launcestion Casino City that lasted for only 2 years in the 80s.

  6. Jack jumpers is a sick name. Cheers for the rest of info

  7. So many on the east coast. Cyclones, floods, etc etc etc

  8. Was legit contemplating this last night! And the dinosaur was just… a person bent over all the time, what a fucked up spine they would’ve had

  9. Fucking best bit is the 2 bogan- how far ya reckon we've walked? 20 METRES!?!?!

  10. Jimboomba markets on the weekend i bought a candle, the ladies business was Karens Krazy Krafts... Wtf

  11. A large beer haha what's it ya first time

  12. This is the most cringe worthy thing I have ever seen

  13. It's a guy's tag and he's obviously been getting up a lot

  14. Been here. He's in a museum in Italy, but everyone in the town speaks German, it's wild. Also took a photo of him. Youre not allowed

  15. Haha this is Big Papi, a professional Australian rugby league player. He got fried from this

  16. Would you know my nammmmme, if I saw you in Kevin

  17. Shouldnt it just be Nigeran. Like Canadian should actually be Canadan

  18. Did the sign on his van read "tiling, plumbing, concreting, landscaping, gardening, site clean up, decking and pergolas"?

  19. Aslong as it boxing kangaroo. Auz flag is bogan/shit as

  20. She's a feisty one isn't she. 😂😂

  21. Reduction? Lol don't you guys shoot kids on the daily and cops love blasting black people? Reduction??

  22. Do you want a charter with everything or do yous have your own gear? A boat that big is pretty easy to get but if you're a useless cunt with no idea it's a bit harder.

  23. We have idea, all own boats. But yes no gear, we flying up for a bucks. Want a normal charter

  24. Aussie here, did the Hawaiins want to become a state? Was it a fair deal?

  25. I only know of the confusion because of TikTok tbh, she was born not too far from where I live

  26. Would you write this if the discussion was about a man? No, so don't do it to women.

  27. I paid $30usd to pull cash out in Cancun

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