🚨Time for a bet🔥

Can't stop seeing stars

Everything is better with a good hug

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

An amazing showing.

  1. Damn, I love me a good physics joke!!!

  2. Hahahahahaha this got good, real fast!!!

  3. I struggle with drawing faces as well, but watching her videos helped me to develop this (I am NOT normally good at faces, but she is a GREAT teacher!!!

  4. Thank you. But again, I want to stress that it is her teaching that encourages such good drawing. I'm sure that your work will blow mine out of the water.

  5. Hahahahahahaha this made me laugh!!! I upvoted you!!!

  6. It reminds me a lot of the game they played in the movie "Waiting", except its for 2023.

  7. It gets sold to whomever buys it's debts and securities.

  8. Are they one of the 11 banks contributing to the 30bn to FRC? Im no genius but I think I know where they might be able to find the money they need to pay the City of San Jose.

  9. They are. Wells Fargo gave 5 Billion to FRC today.

  10. You, as a general retail investors, cannot trade credit default swaps. If you were going to try, you'd likely need to go-to a "big bank" to do so. Watch "The Big Short" to understand this process more effectively. :)

  11. The Fed Says It Stands Ready To Provide Liquidity Through The Discount Window To All Eligible Institutions

  12. What do you mean...I just did. My answer is that price movement between GME is correlated with price movement with Credit Suisse. Am I not being clear about this?

  13. retail investor has any ACTUAL idea as to how truly shorted any given stock is. I have absolutely no idea.

  14. i think you need to reevaluate what a 'trend' is. trend is a mathematical term that is quantifiable. what you are seeing is your monkey brain finding a pattern that might not really exist. you havent done the math to say 'trend'

  15. With respect to technical analysis, statistics is not so much relevant...this is a weird response to my post. I'm not even sure I understand what you are trying to convey with this message...

  16. if you're not doing the statistics, your analysis is moot. sorry to be that way but that is the reality.

  17. Ok. Whatever your personal choice and thought process, good luck to you. :)

  18. There are few things in life as true as this statement...

  19. I've been wondering when I'd see something about this...I live here as well.

  20. Alaska APE’s UNITE!!! You in Anchorage or a suburb?

  21. I'm in Anchorage; you also, I suspect?

  22. Right though! Like literally it only took 6 words for her to be toxic af. She unmatched me too lol.

  23. I think she literally just wanted to fuck. Her message was a hint that she was horny, not that she was hateful. Either way, batshit, I'm sure.

  24. It was a joke...I think you missed it.

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