1. I don't know what this game is or even why this post showed up in my feed, but I do find the attitude in the comments consistent with many others I've seen over the past several years.

  2. Since you don’t know the game, I’ll assist with context. There is a new “Runner’s Pass Season” every two weeks and players have an option to pay gems (which are more difficult to obtain for free, or you can pay money for them) in order to upgrade their runner’s pass. The free version allows you to obtain coins, XP, and icons as you hit certain achievements, whereas if you upgrade, you get the limited edition season animal, an XP boost which lasts the duration of the season, and an additional icon. With the upgrade, you’re also able to unlock the season specific clothing items as you hit certain achievements, as well as additional XP boosts, additional coins, theme chests (typically contain an item of clothing not otherwise able to purchase in the shop), and gem rewards.

  3. i hateeeee ice maps and don’t understand why so many people prefer them over the volcano maps. if you’re on an icy patch and get killed or hit with a reverse magnet and the other players had speed boosts or shields, it’s basically gg’s unless you’re super lucky on your next power ups and your opponents are unlucky - no matter how well you play the rest of the race.

  4. I’m only gold 1 but almost always have diamonds in my quick play races and have found 99.99% of the time they vote grass maps over any other map. I find it really annoying, especially when the choice is between grass vs vortex or beach maps.

  5. This was 100% possible before the arena update, happened to me multiple times. Post update, no idea. Definitely way harder now to get arena items.

  6. This is crazy, I got the fur pelt before the updates to the arena system happened and I’ve never gotten 12 wins (I don’t remember exactly how many wins I had on the chest with the fur pelt but it was definitely 7 or less). This is part of why I never play the arena anymore except when needed to fulfill a quest - I’ve heard from the community that the arena prize items are way harder to find now so you’re more likely to get the common ones even on chests with 12 wins. Since the update, I haven’t gotten any arena prize items in any of my chests at all.

  7. I prefer the volcano maps over the ice maps, but my favorite are the beach maps.

  8. I agree, or also have the option to gift them to other players. I have sooooo many animals and clothing items I will never use (the result of the theme chests being filled with arguably a majority of crappy items and only a handful of cool ones - prime example to me is the crystal chest: almost half those items don’t even make sense for the theme and definitely aren’t worth 280 gems).

  9. In terms of a jacket, odds are as a husky/shepherd mix your dog is fine in 0-30F without one. I can’t tell much from that photo in terms of having a double coat or not, but he will tell you if he’s cold. Even if he mentally wants to stay out, his body will shiver if he needs additional help regulating his temperature. If he’s not pestering you to go inside and he’s not shivering, he’s fine without a jacket.

  10. If he is shivering, then yes he needs help regulating his body temperature. You should monitor him closely when wearing a jacket/sweater to ensure he doesn’t overheat (i.e. depending on the temperature, he may initially need the sweater but for example, if he begins to run around a lot he may warm himself up enough to where you need to remove the jacket to prevent overheating).

  11. 11 months is very young to be left alone unsupervised, IMO. We didn’t start leaving our GSD’s home alone uncrated until they were 3-3.5 years old. Sounds like a bored pup needing a job. If you can’t be there to supervise and redirect him to an appropriate behavior, he should be crated. Puzzle toys, snuffle mats, kongs, and slow feeder bowls can all be used to help with mental stimulation. Physical stimulation/exercise will also help - swimming is great low impact exercise if you have accessibility to that. Flirt poles are also good for higher intensity bursts of exercise, but consult with your vet on an appropriate physical exercise program as he is still a puppy.

  12. I’m assuming regular brushing means daily brushing. Burping and licking after meals is an indication your dog could be swallowing air when eating. It could also be a dietary issue. I would try a slow feeder bowl and if that doesn’t help, I’d consult your vet about diet and other possible medical causes.

  13. 5 hours is a long time to leave a new dog in a crate alone for the first time. I would recommend counter conditioning the new dog to the crate (making the crate a positive association by tossing treats into the crate, feeding all meals in the crate, using filled kongs/food puzzles, etc. If the dog is uncomfortable with that, you can start by tossing treats & feeding near the crate and gradually moving closer to inside). To your question, I’m not a trainer so take this with a grain of salt. I would say you could try crating both dogs in the bedroom at night, but having the crates separated enough to where each dog has their own space, and if possible have them to where they cannot see each other. If they’re comfortable with that, you can gradually make it to where they have some visibility of each other, and gradually increase the visibility. Next steps from there would depend on how the dogs react when crated in the same room overnight.

  14. Sounds like an honest mistake.

  15. I second the responses about maintaining a healthy weight and appropriate joint supplements (under the direction of your vet). My senior dog has benefited greatly in terms of mobility from seeing a chiropractor, but if there’s not one in your area or if it’s out of your budget there’s also lots of videos on YouTube published by veterinary practices detailing stretches you can do! I’ve linked one example.

  16. I’ve heard a few people mention this, and I totally see the appeal. The only thing that makes me nervous is my current dog getting jealous/feeling replaced by a new puppy. Have you had easy transitions when you add a new puppy to your family after your dog has been an only child for so many years?

  17. In my experience, it depends on the dog. Our first GSD was around 7 when we got a new GSD puppy. Our first GSD was amazing with the puppy - she was innately patient, gentle, and was always game to play with the pup. They were fast friends and I think getting that puppy actually improved our first dog’s quality of life. That GSD pup eventually went with me to college and a few years later and when she was 4 years old (2nd semester of sophomore year) my parents got another GSD pup (this was several months after our first GSD passed). I was home for spring break when my parents brought home the new pup and we went through the same introduction process we did previously (meeting on neutral ground, taking a decompression walk together, etc.). But my GSD never really “took” to the puppy - she would tolerate her just fine, but never showed any interest in playing with her and would show teeth if the new pup got in her face trying to lick her (she was never aggressive, but would make it known to the pup that she did not want her in her face). It was pretty much the polar opposite to the reaction our first GSD had to meeting a new pup. But even though she was only tolerating the pup, she didn’t seem at all upset by her presence - only annoyed when the pup got in her face, which we then took steps to prevent from occurring. My GSD and that pup never became “best friends”, but they coexisted just fine - no “jealousy”, resource guarding, anxiety, etc.

  18. Shaving prevents them from being able to regulate their body temperature. The coat protects them from the heat and cold. It only makes you feel better.

  19. The majority of people who shave cats do so to remove or prevent matting, or for hairball control as it can be extremely difficult to keep long haired cats’ coats properly maintained with brushing alone for many owners. While you are correct to say their coat helps them regulate their body temperature, indoor cats have no problem regulating their temperature even with a shave as they are not exposed to the outdoor elements. Shaving an indoor long haired cat is very different from shaving a double coated dog.

  20. lobby names are now randomized. so no more finding ToH, SnS, etc. games by the lobby name.

  21. I was wondering why I haven’t been able to find ToH lobbies, that sucks :/

  22. he’s done a couple videos explaining himself about his heathers commentary (as well as the jennifer’s body video) that you might want to check out! one of his main points is that he watches movies to be entertained and really emphasizes that he separates real life from movies a lot. i had the same reaction to those commentaries but appreciated his explanation :)

  23. Is the Heathers explanation to the commentary video still up? I can’t seem to find it. I love Dylan and usually think his commentaries are spot on, but I’ve always been confused by his reaction to Heathers.

  24. I wish I could figure out how to add a photo in the comments or in the original post so I could share the “after” results, but it turned out perfectly!! Thank you everyone for the help!

  25. Your paste thing caused the mud/texture to loose adhesion. Scrape away everything loose, then you’ll have to patch and texture the area then sand and paint. There’s some good videos on YouTube that explain it better, look up patch and texture. That’s a heavy orange peel texture from the looks of it.

  26. I tried looking up patch and texture on YouTube but everything I was seeing started with a hole being in the wall. Since there’s no actual hole, do I just start from after the part where they insert a dry wall plug?

  27. I sure hope you use commas when you speak

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