1. I should not have checked the thread before going to bed. You bet I took my Klonopin after this.

  2. And how many spirituality and religion podcasts were there in total? 4? Good for you dear.

  3. I'm amazed she knows how to upload a podcast yet couldn't make a PDF

  4. As long as it's people on the internet, they will be added to the pile. Her and her lawyers are having a field day, remember?

  5. I literally choked on my sandwich when I read "when G-D chisels you". Like lady, some of us are perfectly fine getting chiseled in the sanctity of our own homes and not making a podcast about it.

  6. Brittany being un-original and riding on the coattails of other content creators? Well color me blue.

  7. I also specifically someone who went to High School with Brittany speaking up that Brittany was more involved with the "popular" crowd and that she actually bullied people and made people's lives a living hell. I think it was around the time her and Zach got divorced.

  8. Jesus told her its time had come and it was time to harvest the fruits of his labor.

  9. My visceral reactions no longer involve specific things she says or does. Her simply being is enough to make me hack of a hairball.

  10. If she were actually smart enough to do that I would say she's doing a great job. Personally though, I think the combination of the blue nails against the orange skin just makes me think of the Mets and I'm more of a Yankees fan, so I'm entitled to find it repugnant :)

  11. It's still alive and kicking (unfortunately not her). Just reluctantly helping her promote her latest pivot to full time raynch gurl.

  12. Also...the amount of suspension built up in this video...only to be told that she painted her nails blue. I've literally seen more exciting content in my toilet bowl.

  13. Jordan asking if she needs a therapist. Yes, 100% yes, please say "I do."

  14. *BIG ANNOUNCEMENT* I'm painting my nails blue. I haven't seen this level of chutzpa since someone painted the roses red.

  15. Now this is a trip down memory lane. Many sleepless nights scrolling past this in my dorm wishing I could eat a "waffle" just like this martyr and have such a "healthy" relationship with food and exercise. Cunt.

  16. She can say what she wants about this thread, it brings people together for moments like this <3

  17. Me straining to take a shit burns a lot of calories with the time and energy I put into it, but that doesn't make it a sport.

  18. A trial from G-D. Good lord lady, focus on your ACTUAL trial against the state of Texas. Not your tiktok being banned.

  19. ....Why is she acting like this is her first time blocking someone when she has practically been doing that for a living (like blocking former clients asking about refunds or why they haven't heard from her)

  20. If she were to Dox a bunch of random people on Reddit who are literally having a discussion about her shitty actions. She's making herself look like the real villain here...and if anything would add to her own growing list of consequences

  21. Psychiatrist here. I don't have much to say regarding this because I'm not trying to armchair. But I can only speak to my personal experience (and some of my patient's). But I was in an abusive relationship. I was kidnapped and held against my will for almost a week in a random motel in the middle of nowhere (that's just one of many awful instances). It took a lot of planning and support to get out of that. The amount of safety plans and drills for what if situations I did with my loved ones afterwards was intense. Even getting published or having a news article talk about my research or work sent me into a panic because I viewed it as just another way to be tracked down and give that person access to me.

  22. She was also scamming women long before she got married (pre-Zach I believe too...someone correct me if I'm wrong). The only thing that was threatening Brittany Dawn's Head was....Brittany Dawn's head.

  23. I really think she should stick to her ACTUAL legal case that's going on before moving onto her fantasy one.

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