1. Jeezgoshwhyyyy. Eng dub is so dumbstick somehow. Cannot held it after watching with subs

  2. I hope you will provide us with more content of ya doggo.

  3. Quick reminder not to Google where szayel's hollow hole is

  4. Wow! Amazing! That's pretty nut and hard! Even if you ride a road bike. I Just saying.

  5. Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you come right to me?

  6. He looks similar to Nicolas Cage. In my point of view ofc.

  7. Hi! I'm not native speaker and even I see in this sentence strange thing. Just watch my hands right: "Does anyone else is thinking..."

  8. Literally this Mayuri looks fucking great. Seeing him ride on that (is it a dragon?) is hilarious. His special is nuts and he has status and human killer. I would have summoned if they didn't run it parallel to step ups and lock him behind a 3% banner...

  9. He's riding his own zan which lookalike a dragon. That's nice.

  10. Well. That's good u know. Really... Vergu looks so motivated there even Donte can't actually be better.

  11. C'mon really? Who's need to know his gender? What if he, oh sorry, she, oh well, it?... Nevermind.

  12. Holy fuck. Ichigo’s Special Attack looks sick AF

  13. No. Ichigo looks boring AF. But Uryu looks fun to play. And Chad for pvp.

  14. It won't matter, Poise helps close the distance anyway and he'll be laying down the hurt soon enough.

  15. Seem it tomorrow. I hope that his range of normals is pretty ok, but if it shortless such as hobbit in elven army...

  16. 2.2k, absolutely 0 5 stars... love these kind of mornings

  17. Is it just me, or does this remind me of a Pokemon?

  18. Oh yeah, go bbs go! Hope that klab bring intersing news about tybw vol 4 summons, and whay they will do next.

  19. Technique ;-; my best tech characters are VD Halibel, TT Koga, and Riruka

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