1. the Dragon Temple or Dragon Temple Transept? I placed in the temple

  2. Can I have 2 magma blades? My ign is Zireael

  3. Two blood nagakibas +25, full semi-heavy set (e.g.: banished knight set), stay most of the time under its belly dodging the paw and jump attacks and you may be able to kill it after 30 attempts

  4. Are you on the latest update? I’ve searched on my PS Store for this game on PSOne Classics but couldn’t find it…

  5. i’ve got 40. do you have enough runes to max me out? all good if not. just a few stacks should be fine

  6. That’s good, I think I have a char that has 699 runes of each type. I’m just in the middle of a trade now. I’ll DM you once I’m done

  7. That I don't have but you can dupe the ones I do have

  8. No worries, any amount of shards will do. I can mule for you. Will send you a DM

  9. Do you have stacks of starlight shards?

  10. I have the full set, can you help me mule some weapons to another character in return?

  11. yes, they are all base, I’ll send you a DM

  12. died at the end :( hope you make it!! If not, sign is down again

  13. Yes! I’m in the middle of a trade now but I wont be getting all the weapons and shields base propably. So DM me and we can trade after I finish this one!

  14. Hey. Pretty sure I gave you most of what I have base level the other day. But since then, I’ve gotten a few extra. We can trade if you want. I’ll DM you.

  15. Nice, you’re still able to find plenty of people do duel with? And what about invasions? I have some char I would like to level up. Sitting on RL125 makes you bound to a playstyle unless you respec…

  16. I get a lot of invasions still , boilprawn shack and around the academy there is a lot of activity, just keep turning your invasion sigh on, off, and back on, if it doesn’t say, “invading another world” right away, it’s quicker than waiting for the first sign to find an invasion

  17. good to know, thanks for the tips!!

  18. I dont get it... if Im low HP I will be more inflicted by damage? Or I do more damage?

  19. You do more damage. But if I’m not mistaken the HP has to reach below 20% of its total so it’s very risky hahahah

  20. I would never DARE to keep playing below 20% HP 😂

  21. hahahh me neither! and to think that there are people doing SL1 runs using this ring with only 20% of HP, is insane…

  22. Update: I just received it! Hopefully it was granted to you as well. If not, I’m sure you’ll receive it very soon.

  23. I got mine this morning too!! Finally hahahah

  24. Buy games from the psn store and get rare or higher trophies.. just like it shows in the photo

  25. Ohh, didn’t noticed that the two indicators on the sides were tied to the level. Thanks!! It’s sad though that I have got platinum in 8 games just some weeks before they launched the program :(((

  26. It’s referring to the ‘rarity’ not the level of the trophy, so trophies that have less than a 50% completion rate, even if it’s bronze it counts as a rare trophy. If you wonder why, it’s probably because some scumbags abuse dollar games that give you a platinum in 5 minutes and because it’s so easy it’s likely more than 50% completion rate so some platinums might not even count.

  27. I see, but unfortunately the platinum trophies I got were from all the fromsoft souls games. So I’m still a bit sad about it because it would have counted hahhahaha

  28. I could do that. Which grace would you want to meet at

  29. Church of Elleh? I’ll DM you the password

  30. I can help, can you drop them back to my new char after you backup the save?

  31. I'll give them to your new character first

  32. Sounds fun! What’s your RL?

  33. Still need help? Could you help me mule some golden runes in return? (from 1 to 11) is less than a stack of each so there’s no need for multiple trips.

  34. I do if it’s not a problem, church of Elleh?

  35. Are you set to Perform Matchmaking on the Cross-Region Play configuration? It’s in the network menu. I set the password Bankai with the B on caps, maybe try to change the pass to bankai instead?

  36. Lowercase bankai . I’ve restarted the game now

  37. ok!! changed the password, see if you can see my sign. It’s Zireael

  38. Sign down at grace. Merlin. Follow me for a closer grace to the fight

  39. Yeah follow me. Dont go chasin hands lol

  40. hahahahha sorry! got lost, I’m used to use the southern entrance of the grace

  41. placed on the right side of the elevator lever, zireael. The password is mud right?

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