1. He's always exhausted by the end of the first round. I like the guy, so I hope he either starts finishing guys off or improves his conditioning, but I frankly don't see either of those things happening.

  2. People who buy fight are going to buy no matter what. People who pirate the fight will pirate it even if ufc give 100% revenue to fighters.

  3. Not true man. If dana actually gave the fighters insurance and other perks I would come out of my pocket and pay for events.

  4. WELP BOYS, this is what happens when our state is overrun by right wing nuts. They think helping people is socialism and we can't have that

  5. Frankie was logging into Jonah’s socials and stuff which is a major breach of trust. I feel like that puts her in the worst category for me.

  6. You guys gotta be smoking crack. Frankie was so goddamn annoying and insecure. Also, the continued hacking of jonah's face range is weird and cringe. Not to mention her whining to Jonah about being racist and him trying to be understanding, but being real about her being spoiled. Yikes man, Ashley was a rough character, but she at least went through some shit. Frankie was just a rich brat who could never apologize without half the school being pissed at he. Frankie is one of the worst characters besides school shooter hunter. I like that she was still mad at Jonah and smashed his guitar like how childish can you get. Ugh hate her.

  7. It’s definitely an overreach and I hope it gets shot down. Not good for society.

  8. Even before I came out as trans. I actively tried to play men's sports because that's what felt right. The thing about trans women competing in men's sports is that there is a danger aspect. Have you ever viewed the murder rate for trans women? I think that would be kind of counterproductive. After x amount of years on hormone therapy, there is a lot that of changes, and those advantages may not be there.

  9. So if the state appoints a board to run Disney, that means the Disney corporation is run by the state of FL? The state tells Disney what to do?

  10. I think the state wants to appoint a member to have some say of what Disney can do. I do not get legally how that will happen.

  11. What the fuck? Persecuted? For the breaking the goddam law and hitting a pregnant woman? Yeah this sub is where my last brain cells go to die.

  12. Age has nothing to do with it. No one should talk that way about someone else.

  13. Yep! Everytime a student gets hit the city thinks let's lower the speed limit.

  14. Most of the recent student deaths in Gainesville were students who were legally crossing, at a bus stop, or on a sidewalk and they were killed by speeding and/or drunk drivers. Just FYI.

  15. I understand that, let's address when someone doesn't have the right away. The way the sun (newspaper) will be especially vague about who was a fault. We have to acknowledge university needs to be completely redone. We are mostly all adults and everyone needs to follow the rules of the road. It's tragic what happened to those people, we do get a lot of instances that are not covered properly of people jaywalking and getting hit. I used to live at camelot and you can basically hear people street racing all goddamn night. Gainesville has awful law enforcement as well, which makes it worse. cops are more than likely to cut you off or do something just as illegal.

  16. the cities are for people, cars took spaces from people and then blame pedestrians for jaywalking GTFO, this means that there is lack for pedestrian accessibility, cars have more than enough space

  17. While I don't agree with the person you're responding to, I do slightly disagree with you.

  18. cities are for people but until we decide to truly fund public transit, most of us have to drive. If I can't drive on the damn sidewalk the least everyone could do is attempt to follow the rules of the road.

  19. It’s almost as if humans have been migrating for thousands of years, maybe even hundreds of thousands!

  20. Yeah but now we've fucked the planet and have way too many humans on it

  21. My cousin moved to Lakeland from Miami back in 2012. Back then Lakeland was a nice place to live but lately there's just as much traffic as Miami or Orlando. Me and my wife moved to Palatka from Miami. It's a small town and is reasonably close to st Augustine. North florida isn't bad but the st augustine area is starting to get packed. It's already lakeland levels of bad.

  22. I moved back to starke from gainesville for the same reason. It isn't as bad but you definitely see the changes.

  23. Uh I don't think "i ran that student down on the off chance that the driver behind me wouldn't stop".

  24. I think you're misunderstanding. If I'm going the speed limit and have a semi behind me logically, if you jaywalk the car can stop. The semi behind would not be able to stop so easily thus hitting you and possibly hitting the pedestrian anyway. Also they are saying they won't risk being crushed by a semi because adults won't follow rules of the road.

  25. If driving in the vicinity of pedestrians is stressful for you then you shouldn't be driving. It's a fact of life that people have to walk to get to where they are going and if you aren't confident enough in your ability to operate a piece of two ton machinary around them safely then you absolutely should not be doing it. People like that are a menace on our roads.

  26. Are you trying not to listen? If a fully loaded semi is driving down university if you Jaywalk you'll die and it'll be no one's fault but your own. Not everyone is driving the average car but clearly that isn't taken into account. Don't fucking jaywalk, it's just as much of a rule of the road as anything else.

  27. Yeah but realistically, an 70+ year old just simply isn’t capable of performing most physical and mental tasks as well as someone half their age. Time is a mother fucker, plus any respectable society wouldn’t require them to work, which is the reality for most folks working that age. They need the money.

  28. this! I work in healthcare and seeing housekeepers in their 70s and shit is vile. Something ain't right about it.

  29. All the people who wanted Hillary to be the first female President would be crying again if she won.

  30. Honestly, 3 was more of a horrific cash grabbed than 4 is. The expansions were certainly more bang for your buck, and the bones of the game were better. But for instance, the daycare career came with generations but everything you'd actually need to run a functional daycare came through various store items, and they did not even all come together in one purchase. The playpens and walkers came in one set, the baby swing came in another set, and the changing tables came in yet another set.

  31. Nah, all I'm going to say is the customization on sims 3 is amazing. You can pick color, materials for EVERYTHING. Plus you have an actual interactive college experience that let's you live in frats or sororities. Also you have the option to start a band and play gigs. The creativity in the sims 2 and 3 were definitely ahead of its time. We have the school expansion in sims 4 but why is sims 2 the game where the principal can come to my home and I can possibly get my kid into private school. It's the small details like those which make a game incredibly repayable. Sims 4 has its moments but still feels awfully empty. Its just a shell of a game.

  32. Oliveira is the one i'm 100% sure is going for a Tony decline in his next 5 fights. All the top 5 guys he beat, he won't beat them again. Beneil fucks him up it will be sad.

  33. It's crazy to me that Logan and the Rock are probably making more money from the UFC then most top UFC fighters.

  34. Huh? That's the whole reason of disliking her or were you not paying attention? Also Jesus no one hates her, just wish she would stop talking and listen. Even the fucking kid stars of HP had to speak out and distance themselves because they don't fuck with it.

  35. Look, I’ve always taken a neutral view on J.K. She’s living proof that nobody is pure good or evil, no matter what Twitter or Reddit might say. Has she said some shitty, stupid things on Twitter? Yes. But she’s also saved these women from a terrorist organization.

  36. It's not just that she's said bad shit on Twitter. She is a women with influence spouting out TERF ideas and actively teaming up with them. Let's not minimize what she's done. Again no hate on her but picking on a group of already marginalized people is shit. Look up the murder rate for transwomen.

  37. When you consent to sex, you consent to what may come afterwards. Unless there is a legal written document.

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