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  1. The wild thing to me is that iPhone users associate android phones as lesser and poorer. Like my phone was nearly $1000 (which I know is outrageous and is a completely different argument) and has specs that either rival or surpass any iPhone and yet because my texts are green I might as well be using a $20 consumer cellular flip phone

  2. Spending $1000 to have green texts what a fucking rube.

  3. R/neoliberal sucks Zionist cock, what a surprise.

  4. Risk of rain 2 when you have a good run going. Just mowing through enough enemies to make your machine chug.

  5. Rudy Gobert saved countless lives. The NBA shutting it down really was the first (big) domino in North America

  6. Oh, I just moved here from Florida. I haven't been to the beach yet, mostly because I didn't really think they had one. That's definitely a beach though.

  7. Small update on this: With GE Proton 7.27 you no longer need to delete the video files! Tested this morning and it works

  8. So it just works on the stable branch of steam OS and newest version of GE proton? Before the latest update I saw beta was required.

  9. Metro Chicago has relatively cheap apartments but single family homes always seem to be somewhat expensive once you factor in property taxes and other costs. Downstate has cheap housing but not a ton of good paying jobs or fun things to do.

  10. Chicago is the cheapest major American city by a mile you still come out fine

  11. Electric scooter after you get off the train?

  12. Yo…. You have inspired me. Thank you. for some reason I never even considered stowing one of those on the metra and then using it for the last 2 miles.

  13. I've heard about emulation but no one has mentioned ps remote play. Count me curious when my deck comes in. I still play vita every day... But the loading times are starting to get to me

  14. Chiaki, may have botched the spelling. It is great though and you will be able to remote play your PS5 with minimal latency.

  15. Honestly, if you live in Chicago and aren’t ecstatic about this you’re a snob lol.

  16. Where’s that energy in regards to the nascar race?

  17. I've mostly seen positive or neutral responses to the nascar thing. I think I've seen far more negative responses to Lolla than nascar.

  18. I got to -30 downvoted saying that I was excited for the event and that people were lame for complaining. Understandable if people downvoted me for complaining about the complainers, but I also got downvoted for simply saying “I am” excited for the event.

  19. Lmao. I would love to. Y’all are so dramatic.

  20. Why would Pistons fans hate Giddey? That's so weird and random...

  21. It’s more so that anyone who doesn’t suck off a terrible scorer and defender that throws up bricks and gets blown by against summer league competition is derided as a hater.

  22. Pc players crying. Seeing people complain about Warzone especially is hilarious. You have every advantage, it’s laughable to act as if m&k leaves you worse off.

  23. Id rather take a chance on Giddey making major strides next year than getting an ultra inefficient ball dominant guard who cant shoot or defend and has too much of an ego to adjust his role or his play style. I legitimately think it is impossible to make a deep playoff run without just benching Russ. There is a better chance that Giddey could play a meaningful role on a good team at this point. I probably wouldnt have either in my top 25 tbh.

  24. He got smoked in summer league and failed to be efficient against those scrubs.

  25. Are we really going to go with this narrative because of a few SL games? After we saw how he played in his last month of this past season? Boiling down Giddey as someone who can just “make a nice pass” is such a bad take and understatement

  26. I mean has he shown any ability to defend anything or score efficiently if at all in the real NBA? No.

  27. Why should anyone give a shit if they play in Chicago rather than the suburbs? The typical Chicago family doesn't even have the means to attend. We're going to put billions of taxpayer dollars into ensuring rich ticket holders from the burbs can fuck up traffic coming into the city to get wasted at Soldier Field for a few hours each week?

  28. I play with the MonsterMash mod. Note that all monsters are actually the same AI and controls used for things like Umbra of players, so all are playable easily.

  29. Wait… you can play as the monsters??? Catch me figuring out how to mod this game on the steam deck

  30. I use this setup, I believe using the trackpad as mouse while the rest of the controls are game pad kind of fucks the game up. It doesn’t support simultaneous inputs as well as some other games.

  31. Do you use this for Apex? How is the trackpad to joystick conversion?

  32. It seems alright, you need to mess around with the sensitivity though because it may feel a bit low. When I use it as a joystick it’s usually too low and the settings aren’t as easy for me to understand as the mouse version.

  33. Use the right trackpad as mouse, enable gyro. It feels so damn good.

  34. No way! Thank you for posting. Dang I really don’t want to switch to the beta branch though. Have you noticed significantly more jank than the stable release?

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