1. Mainlanders are famous for having 0 manners and behaving like uncivilized pricks... because they are as Mao purged all the civilized people lol.

  2. Reading some of comments on some other similar posts, there's allegation as if schools give "hints" to Malay students. I don't remember that back in my days.

  3. Just wondering, if they want to slaughter the pig, which part is the neck?

  4. What's the problem? When Muslims say similarly horrible things about other religions especially Jews and Christians you guys don't bat an eye.

  5. diorang mmg mcm tu. Islam, Malaysia dan Melayu semuanya salah dimata diorang.

  6. Apesal hari-hari ada orang post pasal PAS ek kat sana? Tak sokong pun PU ke ape ke, tak mati pun tak tengok Pulau ke K-Pop ke tapi seolah-olah depa post pasal PAS tapi sebenarnya nak kritik Islam. Ko tak suka, tak payah share,kan aman.

  7. It will be over in 2030, Russia gets new president that will try to patch things up with EU and USA. ( Gorbachov 2.0 )

  8. I thought late 80's and early 90's was really bad for Russia.

  9. Then you'll have another Putin to exploit the "humiliation".

  10. and some people hate Jews so much, they think Hitler is a good person (I'm from S.E Asia)

  11. The same ruling as tapai perhaps. It's fermented but you don't eat tapai to get drunk.

  12. What if I drink a pint of beer not to get drunk, but to get heated (cause it's cold)? Surely I can't, right?

  13. Beer is meant as an alcoholic drink. Perhaps we should avoid fruit juice then as it could contain tiny amount of alcohol from fermentation.

  14. Submarine sailor here. What an incredible waste of space.

  15. Negeri Sembilan aman sentosa. kaya dengan tumbuh-tumbuhan

  16. How they order at fast food then? English?

  17. We made fun of McCormick lady but we have yet to see anyone making fun of people that don't understand Malay. Too nice la y'all.

  18. I just cut the paper to size and put the paper into a plastic film at the windscreen. Nothing to stick or sticker to remove

  19. This method is the best. The glue also left marks on the windscreen when you remove it.

  20. More discipline than I’ve seen give to some humans in public situations…

  21. I'm seeing school age kids drinking red bull? Why ah?

  22. Men get the blamed when women overdress or underdress. It's always men.

  23. BN in the past said kalau restoran mahal, masak sendiri di rumah, did you come up with the same conclusion?

  24. Sayur mahal makan kangkung. Whatever happened to that fella?

  25. What should he do then? It's not like we can set the price for restaurants, we ain't communist.

  26. There are people back then who thinks BN can control price as well.

  27. Whoa.... this guy practically spent all his lunch and dinner at kenduris, not to mention tons of random visitations. Tak buat kerja ke?

  28. Some people expect him to do that. For them kerja is to see people in his constituency so they can voice their grievances.

  29. And what kind of typical grievances is that an MP would fix?

  30. Stuffs they care, like fixing kg road, contractor jobs, getting bantuan etc for schooling or fixing home, asking to donate for mosque or surau extension, giving out school uniform to poorest under Baitulmal or those who recently had house fire. At least that's what these people want. Kampung folks are not like town people who can travel to Adun's office. They want Aduns to meet them at kenduri,wedding or friday prayers.

  31. Last time I checked firing unguided munitions towards civilian infrastructure is a war crime whether or not defenders are taking refuge. Don't invade in the first place!

  32. Maybe that Quran burning guy is a Russian shill.../s

  33. I never thought B1-B would as big as B-52. So I assume Tu-160 would be even bigger.

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