1. 1688 -> Sourcing agent warehouse (or your own warehouse) -> Customers

  2. Dropshipping is not a business. It is a hobbie.

  3. Sounds like to build a house you need a floor, four walls and a roof.

  4. If you know the product is going to work:

  5. 10k. Especially if you plan on doing fb ads.

  6. Do you have this in hand already? If so, could you please show me some pictures of it? (and fit pics if possible lol)

  7. still waiting for the haul to come in

  8. This is not a serious outfit, just a pic of all the items at the same time to be efficient lol

  9. I'm thinking of getting the MM pants. Would be helpful if you could tell us your height/weight.

  10. Golden nugget right here! Thank you for sharing :)

  11. Wouldn't be easier (to build a clientbase) to just ship straight from your own location to the customers as opposed to doing through FBA when starting out?

  12. You get prime shipping and way more likely to win the buy box which in terms has a positive affect on product sales.

  13. would you be willing to sell just the lens?

  14. That would be $350 shipped.

  15. would you consider selling a mamiya 7 body along with the lens too?

  16. I'm thinking of selling the mamiya 7 with a 65mm and a 80mm. Let me know if you are interested.

  17. i am :) how much do you have in mind?

  18. Nice pic; love the contrast with the background -- where was this taken?

  19. Sorry for the late rep. I took it on top of a hill in LA.

  20. How long was the exposure and how wide was the aperture? This looks like it'd be a difficult shot to meter for. :)

  21. If I remember correctly, I shot it on f2.8 (program mode?) at 1/30 of a second. Hope this helps :D

  22. https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.1.999.150.rSnkvH&id=526389878833&ns=1#detail

  23. For example if you plan on using basetao, dotdotbuy, or w.e agent you plan to use for shipping. You just put the link in their website and it shows up! I was surprised when it worked there but not in my browser

  24. Thank you again. I asked because I was shipping without an agent :P

  25. AAHHHHH trying to save money :')

  26. Those couple extra bucks could be use for guinea pig u know what im sayingg

  27. You should totally do a fit pic fam! I'm about your size and I would love to see how these fit on you :)

  28. Id on jacket? Love the fit man

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