1. Yes, clearly the voice from bad lip reading on YouTube. I’d like to hear what was actually said.

  2. Yes, clearly the voice from bad lip reading on YouTube. I’d like to hear what was actually said.

  3. I have been using my dyna Omni xl for 3 years and I love the rugged dependability of it. They are low maintenance, tough, and consistent once you get a feel for it. Had to replace the o-rings and ccd last year but the cap is still working perfectly. Usually about once a month I will take it apart and scrub all of the pieces in a glass of ISO. The flavor off of the first couple of cycles is fantastic, but I tend to get the bowl rolling by heating again before the second cooldown click. I do recommend using an induction heater to ensure even heat distribution. I ended up making my own portable IH using an old 12v drill and an IH board off of Amazon. My only complaints are that it doesn’t work as well in the wind and you have to use both of your hands to operate it. Whether you go with the Dyna or another vape, you will not be disappointed. I can’t speak for how the Dyna M or B performs because I have not used them, but the Omni definitely slaps!

  4. If you look close enough, they are actually similar grips.

  5. Foxhole Farms, and they have had some fantastic flower recently!

  6. Look for THCa products, I think that should suit your fancy!

  7. I was so surprised when I went to Hawaii, where everything is more expensive, but the liquor was substantially cheaper than here.

  8. Why are you driving in the left lane while not overtaking anyone?

  9. It can have a huge turd, black tie will ask you to ship it back and if they choose to, then they will remove the turd and send it back to you.

  10. Yeah. I don’t like the idea that you have to send the product back. They have guarantees with usps for shipping hemp but I have no guarantees shipping hemp because I am not a licensed hemp distributor. Also what are they doing with returned product, repackaging or throwing it away? This practice makes me a little skeptical of what I am receiving.

  11. https://www.fox4news.com/news/video-1-in-critical-condition-1-arrested-after-apparent-street-racing-crash-in-lewisville.amp

  12. Just cause they are alive doesn’t mean they are okay. I am still dealing with chronic back pain after my 35mph crash. That car got rear ended by someone going at least 40mph faster than them while already traveling about 60mph. And they are about to go through some accelerated financial pain with the total loss of a Hyundai.

  13. Same here! Sometimes we have to put it away because he gets way too obsessive with it.

  14. I'm moving out soon and I'll have a mailbox then so I might try. Thanks bro forgot about delta 8, ima look up delta 8 drinks rn

  15. D8 is cool and all, but I have heard more positive reviews from D9 Farm Bill products. Also if you like flower there are plenty of THCa products that are legal thanks to the farm bill.

  16. Ocoee Gods gift is my favorite cult strain so far.

  17. Looks like the Brandenburger gate in Germany

  18. You can tell by the person dancing, indeed very German.

  19. Every biniod cart I have had were the worst. Also they made me cough a lot even hours after vaping. Effects were fine though.

  20. if you set up an ebay page for the Battlefront 2 promo, i would buy it

  21. They’ve installed speed bumps in some downtown intersections 🤷‍♀️ But I agree, I wish they would do more.

  22. I thought speed bumps on public roads were illegal.

  23. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw this post!

  24. Exactly why I stay away from gas station products. My buddy kept getting them and I would try some. They all had a weird chemical/rubber taste. I don’t trust any of them now.

  25. That sucks! One time I ordered a bunch of carts from binoid and everyone of them was terrible. I messaged them and they apologized and sent me replacement carts. The replacements were just as bad. They literally tasted like cheap perfume.

  26. It also doesn’t stick to scars. The reason being is lack of porous, sweat producing dermal tissue. The regions of your skin that are affected don’t allow sweat to form on the surface of your skin, which is what allowed grime to settle on your body.

  27. Thanks for the interesting comment! Where did you learn about this?

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