1. SotFS is mostly better. But there are good points against it.

  2. That last bit is simply untrue as Aldia is in the original game.

  3. You mean in his boss form? 'Cause I'm unsure, unless an OG edition patch added him.

  4. Yep, they added him on Patch 1.10 according to the wiki.

  5. I'm using Notification Center on Gnome 43.

  6. Still outputs the same error, here's edited metadata.json file.

  7. That's the version I used as well, I'll see what I can do.

  8. I used the soundfont from Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl, thought it gave it a bit of a nostalgic sound.

  9. Hey you figured it out! It is On The Backs of Angels, but since I was playing from memory, my playing sounds a tad off.

  10. I actually really like how CA looks and I often find myself using either Reshade or ENB to implement it in other games.

  11. Kind of reminds me of A Visit to Newport Hospital by Egg.

  12. All I need is Scott with a beard and I am set until 2025.

  13. try to finish all ur money so it’s not visible to them and also did u do it in an invite only lobby?

  14. I did it in a full player lobby, have yet to spend all the money, not even sure if I can.

  15. In a way I kind of want to keep the money so I can spend it on the upcoming update, I've played GTA Online enough for me to not care about whether I'm banned or not honestly.

  16. This usually happens when your 3d skybox is smaller than your playable area. With that being said, if you do have a 3d skybox (which I assume you don't, since it's a greybox) all you have to do is make sure that the bounding box enveloping the 3d skybox is also able to envelope your playable area's bounding box.

  17. Let's say you have a model with good weights to "humerus.L" but you need those weights to be to referencing "upperArm.L". Just rename the vertex group "humerus.L" as "upperArm.L".

  18. So maybe I should explain why I can't simply rename the bones. I'm editing a source viewmodel, with that said, a "reference skeleton" is given as the model base skeleton (armature?), I can work with this skeleton's bones only, since the compiler won't recgonise bones from another skeleton.

  19. Right. So if you want to use arm_02 with arm_01's bones, rename arm_02's vertex group.

  20. Alright, maybe I'm just stupid for not getting this to work earlier or maybe I was doing something completely different, but it worked now somehow? I can't thank you enough.

  21. I considered adding that but got lazy in the process.

  22. I have no idea wtf this is supposed to be, someone help me

  23. These types of comments can be found in any video nowadays, I'll give you a few examples:

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