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  1. These look heckin' awesome! Nice bark and this is how I use up most of my pulled pork when I make it. Sliders with some slaw =)

  2. Thank you! Also, why would anyone downvote me asking a simple question? The fuck is wrong with people…

  3. I did not expect people to complain about me being content with all this free weed that I made for free and have stored for personal consumption at no expense to myself or anyone hanging out around me.

  4. People are definitely assholes. I did just want to point out that unless someone is paying your electric bill, and buying all of your equipment and nutes etc…this wasn’t free. Wayyyyyyy cheaper than dispo weed but still…not free.

  5. Just curious, how many days from seed to chop?

  6. I’m pretty sure 2x4 is 8 sq ft and 3x3 is 9 sq ft 😉

  7. You don’t say!? Probably why the person said “are about the same size”.

  8. These look VERY healthy and I definitely lol’d at your caption. My family and I have been seriously considering moving out to VT, do you recommend areas to target if we want a little privacy and don’t want to pay super high property taxes?

  9. Property taxes are high here. Depends on how secluded you really want to be. It's 30 minutes to the grocery store and 20 to the gas station. But in some parts of Cali people would say that's nothing.

  10. I have nothing to add other than my support in saying that’s she’s right. There’s really no argument for the opposite

  11. Signs ? Damn you thick headed, signs were a month ago, now she just is

  12. There’s probably a better way to put that, growmie. Have some more couth

  13. We’ll usually when the cotyledon dies off or becomes yellow, that’s also the same time it has about its 4th node. Also IMO, I found that auto flower do significantly better when left alone compared to photos.

  14. Just wanted to say this was absolutely the most level headed way to explain this in the internet (but especially Reddit). And also thank you, I learned a lot as well from your comment.

  15. Always here with advice without the ego, I appreciate your comment!

  16. I got some of those beans from Multiverse as well as some Runtz. I was leaning towards the Grease Gun and now I’m for sure growing it next! How was the smell?

  17. Love this! I just hung mine up over the weekend and have a very similar sized tent. I just zip tied mine, lol! I did hang my actual inline fan outside of the tent purely because it was impossible to mount it inside the tent and not have a crazy bend in the exhaust hose.

  18. A zip tie totally would have been sufficient lol. I just had to over-engineer it

  19. I follow the canna coco A and B light feed schedule on their website. I highly recommend using a bluelab truncheon to mix your nutrients because you can calculate EC/PPM with it then, and the thing is legit bulletproof.

  20. Hey OP, would you mind elaborating on this review?

  21. Yes! I apologize I am new to Reddit and couldn’t find this after I “posted it” - honestly wasn’t sure it even went thru! 😅 hmm wish I could share pictures! I’ll do my best to describe:

  22. Wow, thank you for the prompt and detailed reply! I’m considering grabbing some of this because the price is right. Thank you very much!

  23. Love the rough cut wall beside the bar. I’ve never seen something like that and it’s really appealing to the eyes!

  24. Thank you for noticing. It was my idea, but my linear brain was struggling when I actually was working on it. I am very happy how it turned out.

  25. It turned out amazing from what I can tell. Also painting your ceiling matte black was a nice touch, I’ll be doing that to my dungeon of a basement soon.

  26. That yield looks bananas for a .5 gallon! Great job OP 👏

  27. Listen, this is the EXACT kind of post I get on Reddit for. This looks and sounds amazing, and gives me some inspiration. Thanks, OP!

  28. The results should be visible to you guys but I’m not sure so let me know if they aren’t.

  29. Yeah the one batch I brewed with extract tasted just like regular beer to me.

  30. I’m the same. I’ve made a ton of award winning beers with extract and steeping grains. I suspect most people that say otherwise do not have their water chemistry dialed in or they simply don’t know or care about their water chemistry.

  31. My best beer this year so far was 100% extract. It is absolutely everything else that new brewers do that gets blamed for "extract flavor"

  32. I made a 100% extract Hefeweizen that took 3rd Best Overall in a local competition. Not many fellow home brewers believed it was an extract brew. I BIAB so I easily switch from extract to all grain.

  33. Have you tried Blackjack, Sunshine Kush, or Strawberry fields yet?

  34. I’ve had the flower of black Jack and wasn’t a huge fan but I will definitely give the pod a try

  35. If the pie chart I saw is right Blackjack is terp/Oci/farn, while SLH is terp/Oci/myr, so if you didn’t care for the flower you may not like the pod. Have you have orange 43 or whip it?

  36. O43 is a favorite of mine also, wasn’t a big fan of Whip-it.

  37. Co2 will mess with the reading a bit but it should give you decent indication of current gravity.

  38. I love how this group cites the rampant opioid crisis in Ohio for being a reason for their opposition, yet flat out REFUSES to acknowledge the facts. Legal, easily accessible, and affordable marijuana will greatly reduce the opioid crisis. It's been proven many times over, yet these chuckle fucks just choose to ignore it and push their agenda. How righteous of them! /s

  39. Got damnnnn you hit the jackpot on this one. I have the worst luck though; I guarantee I go buy one of these and get broken up stems and sugar leaves per the usual lmao

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