I have a question about learning math

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  1. Thanks, but is there one besides that one?

  2. The Arkham games pretty much made it canon, and I think the unique way the Batman universe does it adds depth to the characters.

  3. Been a wagie and a neet on and off for 9 years, my longest job was the hardest, construction for around 10 months and my longest neet era is 18 months and both were equally as depressing as time went on

  4. It really depends on which states you live in, I think. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and started life on the dole after being hospitalized twice. I'm doing better now, and that is potentially a bad thing.

  5. Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing actor, and I think Arthur Fleck is a nice take on pre-Joker Joker. Sure, I would have preferred a live action adaptation of Killing Joke Joker, but I understand the creative choices they made.

  6. Okay, I'm trying to build a website from scratch, no guided tutorials, just the handbooks on CSS and Javascript, but how do I figure out what to put in the mock up? I guess this is just because I'm a beginner, but even though I've visited a lot of websites, I don't have a template stored of how one should look.

  7. White Knight's Jack Napier is the best Joker, imo, cold calculating criminal mastermind who is still a jokester but not to the extent of the clown or the comedian.

  8. He certainly looks the part.

  9. First impression might be what I'm looking for, but I was also concerned a little about my online image, if I ever create an online business account.

  10. I got into some kind of job training. Maybe it'll actually lead to employment this time.

  11. I would want the power to know everything, to exceed in every form of knowledge the world had to offer and to discover new knowledge for the people. There are people in real life who possess this power; unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

  12. That looks delicious, but it's probably got a lot of calories!

  13. There was a crossover comic that explored that. Joker teamed up with Carnage but decided that he hated his style, so he threatened to poison the city and scared the symbiote so badly it unbonded with its host.

  14. Well, political forums draw out "that guy". It's how every Politics 101 classroom you've ever taken has "that guy", who just spews out rhetoric and everyone just rolls their eyes because they always want to raise their hand and express themselves on every topic.

  15. I still don't really understand, though. All it takes to run a country is understanding of its people, knowledge of the problems it's facing, and a willingness and ability to address those problems with workable policies. Why is only one of the major parties trying to do this?

  16. Do you think a third party has a chance of winning national positions of power to any meaningful degree?

  17. I'm not in favor of radical changes that would destabilize the government, whether on the left or on the right, but that feels like where we're headed if the parties continue to get more and more polarized.

  18. I’m sorry, did you watch the show? From the time Jerome is introduced, he explains how his mom and her boyfriends abused him. How she was an alcoholic, how his uncle abused his and his brother lied on him, inducing more abuse. He was the neglected twin and Jeremiah was favored.

  19. It looked like the show wanted us to think Jerome was just putting on an act, indicated by the laughter at the end and the reveal that he killed his own mother after pretending to be upset about it, so I guess that's the way I took it. To me, Jerome came across more like a young Kletus Cassidy, not really the Joker, despite doing several really Joker-like things.

  20. I think it’s the type of thing where they don’t really try and make it believable so people can come up with what they think. I understand how it seems like he could be lying, considering the maniacal laughter and the fact that he manipulated the police into believing he was a victim. But, when he visits his dad and his uncle, it’s proven that he was telling the truth. They both admit it and so does Jeremiah when Jerome visits him.

  21. Job rehabilitation programs are for disabled people, I would Google it and see what ones are in your area. You need a ride there everyday though so I'm learning how to drive before I commit to my job program

  22. Yes, I'm enrolled in Ticket to Work already.

  23. You should be set then , talk to your job counselor or social worker if you feel like it's not helping so they can help accommodate you.

  24. I enrolled with a vocational rehabilitation center before, though, and they really weren't much help.

  25. Check out salt for life. I don't think I am allowed to link it here, but search it on Amazon. Cheap and no potassium.

  26. Reviews say that it does contain potassium. I don't think this will work. Thanks, though.

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