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  1. For me, I'd go with Merrill, Cassandra, Josephine. Josephine will always be my favorite to romance. Her being clueless when you flirt with her is one of the best parts of the whole thing.

  2. It's a piece required for mastering blacksmithing up to max level.

  3. It's in kannus Valley near the alter of physera. I believe it's right near the road coming down from the fallen general and the ruined village. As soon as you get close enough, it should automatically trigger the quest.

  4. It's part of the game, whether or not you like it. People wouldn't need to do it if rb gave more tokens.

  5. No one cares if you're quitting. Just do it and quit whining

  6. This archer looks like they’re just letting you kill them. I don’t see any attempt on their part to even try winning.

  7. Yeah, a lot of people just make generalized statements shitting in the game but will refuse to think of a suggestion to make it better or reach out to the devs with the idea

  8. Many people already do this. I can't count the number times I've seen people asking for a new class and the only reply they get is "we'll consider it." It took them a year to actually make centurions command obtainable. And then they shadow nerf one of the most popular classes, causing people to quit. I do like that they are trying, but there isn't enough things to keep higher level people in the game.

  9. What's broken? I love the game.

  10. You seem like you leaving is a big deal for everyone else. In reality, no one cares.

  11. You have to do the Gnoll Triumvirate and collect one of their manes.

  12. Is SC blizzard better than NW blizzard though?

  13. Each class has its perks, but saying the mage is OP is wrong. I've spend hundreds of hours on each class. Mages are only good for burst damage. I've seen crusaders who can consistently put out more damage than a mage. You can't say a class is OP if its below 30 and haven't run dungeons. Yes, early on mages are easy to play, but once you get into the harder things, you'll realize that they aren't as powerful as you think.

  14. It does mess with mages amplify. When you max out crescent moon, using amplify gives you an attack buff. For each mana crystal consumed for amplify, each crystal gives a 2% attack buff. So when you consume 10 crystals, it gives you a 20% attack buff for the duration of amplify. If a priest plants sacred ground, it wipes the attack buff and gives them the sacred grounds buff.

  15. I think its the peaceful mage's mask. it drops from higher level dungeons, I believe.

  16. Since its in the main quest area, you won't be able to complete it until you finish the story quest.

  17. It's not bad, but you should have a high attack for it to be great. If you're going to use it, it will consume mana crystals to increase its damage.

  18. I believe it requires you to kill the Divine Shieldmaiden in Carazor. If you haven’t killed her before, she will drop an item which you take to a npc nearby as a quest.

  19. It’s a Depths if Corruption challenge. Roisa is the last boss. She summons pillars around some of the party, which have to be destroyed in order to get free. Most of the time, roisa’s attacks destroy the pillars, but you can destroy them too. The bad thing is they have a good amount of hp, so you will need good dps to destroy them.

  20. There's definitely a few more things to know about this dungeon, but the video covered quite a bit. Nice job!

  21. Thank you!! feel free to give me more info I can always edit the video!

  22. The Black Sun's move are a few. Every so often he runs to a spot to toss fireballs in the air. When they hit you, they ignite you and deal damage over time for a few seconds. The area also shrinks after each dps stafe. They are quite a few but are easier to find when you are in the dungeon.

  23. A mythic 5 A grade will have about 6100 attack and a mythic 5 B grade will have about 5300 attack.

  24. It’s always fun glitching on top of an enemy. The bugs can get annoying, but it makes the game fun sometimes.

  25. There are 5 colors for your name. Green= being in the Artisan Union, Red= being in the Ravens Union, and Light Blue= being in the Sentinels Union. Having a purple name indicates that you have notoriety, meaning that you kill other players in the open world unprovoked. Dark blue name indicates that a person has Fame, which is gained from killing people with a purple name.

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