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  1. I’m just trying to pay off 10k more by the time forgiveness rolls around (if that does happen) so I can be over and done with them.

  2. If you get drunk and make it home safe, you win the scramble.

  3. It’s the making it home safe that’s my issue, I can’t stop sleeping in ditches.

  4. Those are often one in the same.

  5. Big one: I struggle with the not the concept but more of understanding the Trinity.


  7. We call the dogs that don’t go to heaven chihuahuas

  8. Can’t lie I have no idea what this means

  9. I have one as a secondary checking account for money I make on the side as play money. It's very basic, not many features yet but I don't need them as my main credit union has them. I like it, it's convenient, and I didn't want to open a new account at a new bank, so amex checking seemed like a good choice.

  10. That seems like a solid idea, I’m looking to start a side gig making websites and apps, so maybe this could be an account for that,

  11. Highly recommend Ally savings instead!

  12. Ally has been solid for my savings account, but now with an AmEx HYSA, I’ll probably just keep 2 separate savings accounts, 1 for home remodel budget and one for rainy day fund

  13. Love his bitches when they bite.

  14. you'll probably get a generic card with some bank name on it. this is what happened to my starwars credit card when bank of america lost the license. once my card expired the replacement card had a bank of america logo instead of yoda.

  15. I use Ally but I’ve enjoyed AmEx a lot since getting their cards I’m considering opening a HYSA and or a personal checking account

  16. welcome! love company on the journey. I haven't been in this sub long but I have been practicing fasting lifestyle since March 2021. I was in Facebook groups but they all disappeared and stopped fasting. Most gained weight. :-(

  17. I started little ago, I had some food I ate cause I didn’t want it to go bad. Longest fast I’ve done was I think 3 days

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