1. How much did it cost in the end? Was thinking of getting one when I buy a home in the coming months

  2. The total cost including the generator, cement pad, connections , 500 gallon LP gas tank with burial in the yard, permit , transfer switch, and filling the tank with gas,was about $21k. We have a neighbor who has installed the same model as a side business, and he had estimated it would cost about 19000.

  3. Jesus. My grandparents have one and it cost them $8k. Now this is in Louisiana but I was expecting around $10k

  4. The generator itself was $5300 - burying a 500 gallon LP gas tank in the back yard cost almost as much. Labor is apparently not cheap these days, at least from legit businesses that plan to be around.

  5. (1) need to pee, and (2) cat army demanding to be fed at 5AM.

  6. Paywall kept the article from being read. I wonder, is it possible that the earlier wave of 'ethnic German' immigrants ended up living in areas of Germany that were already more 'refugee friendly'? If so, then the fact that later waves of refugees found the same areas to be more 'refugee friendly' would not be a surprise, and may not have been caused by the earlier wave altering local beliefs and attitudes.

  7. Thank you! It appears that a German law from 1990 acted to minimize the concerns I noted --

  8. From an eQIP website (note they didn't mention Reddit for some reason):

  9. kalarm (obv part of kde) allows you to specify "confirm acknowledgement" which means the pop-up notification will stay on-screen until you click to close it and then click again to be sure you want to close it. I set each alarm manually and don't know how it integrates with other kde pim apps because I don't use them. I know the alarm notification will stay up all night because I've forgotten to acknowledge it on occasion and it is still there in the morning. It can be configured on a per-alarm basis to notify you with a pop-up window, an audio alarm, send an email, or run a command (ie a script you would write, for example).

  10. He is saying "PC IS STUCK AT THIS", NOT like "SYSTEM IS BOOTING BUT ANNOYED WITH THIS ERROR". Read the post PROPERLY then comment.

  11. I'm truly sorry to have enraged you with my feeble post, which simply linked to information that suggested that the error message reported by the OP was NOT the cause of his inability to boot - the obvious conclusion being that OP should investigate further and try to find some other error or fault in the boot messages. Your hostility depresses me and I'm going to unsubscribe from

  12. I think there is enough blame for the Florida homeowners insurance mess to share with everyone involved. Homeowners try to collect insurance payouts for wear and tear on ageing structures, contractors are happy to sue insurance companies to get paid for work that should not be covered by insurance, lawyers are ecstatic to take the cases and litigate the insurance companies into the ground, insurance companies complain but pay out and raise rates, and the politicians do nothing or take inadequate steps because lobbyists pay for their campaigns. And then the homeowners elect the same politicians over and over again.

  13. I Believe everything that you said, but do you have a source for the part about the national flood insurance incentivizing flood prone areas? I want to show it to my husband and he very much likes as much information as possible.

  14. There have been multiple attempts by Congress to 'correct' the flood insurance program charges. I remember about 10 years ago (just a guess) a law passed that would have fairly quickly set new rates that truly reflected the risk of flooding, so that persons who live in less expensive homes away from flood areas would not be subsidizing more expensive homes on waterfront -- but there was a public outcry and plans were scuttled.

  15. Now we see the power of the Deep State, but this Deep State is a Republican Trump loyalist who will go down in flames for her hero.

  16. Several years ago about 50% of customers in Hillsborough County lost power after a hurricane passed by - some did not have power restored for over 1 week. The TECO power outage map shows widespread outages scattered over the county.

  17. I can't answer the question for all fingerprint readers, but I installed Ubuntu then debian testing on my Beelink GR9 and neither had a driver for the reader. It may depend on the specific fp reader. Mine is identified with lsusb as: ID 1c7a:0577 LighTuning Technology Inc. Fingerprint Sensor but it does not work (no driver). It works fine on windows 11 (dual boot).

  18. I don't pretend to understand the actual transactions but when I hear "pension funds" and "derivatives" and "leveraged" in the same paragraph I vaguely understand what happened.

  19. I tried to check the TECO power outage map online to see what was going on, our power has flickered but did not go off (yet) -- and the online power outage map is "down for scheduled maintenance" according to the website!!!

  20. I'm sure the whole TECO website has been straight hugged to death today. I tried looking at it earlier and I got nothing but a perpetual loading circle.

  21. I agree! I checked the TECO site again, and they had changed the comment to reflect that there were about 241,000 reported outages as of 9:15PM - and the map still won't load. I suppose their website just does not have the bandwidth to operate during a massive power outage event.

  22. Our front loader stopped working, it is 8 years or so old. The repair guy found our filter blocked by a sock, women's panties, and several lipstick canisters. Expensive lesson.

  23. Blind religious faith is a hell of a drug. Christians have been breathlessly predicting the imminent visitation of the Son of Man for almost 2000 years, but this time it will really happen ... And if a twice divorced narcissistic adulterer is the best Christ-replacement figure they can find, they are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  24. I still don't understand why DSM5 does not include religious mania as a diagnosable psychiatric condition. This document could serve as exhibit #1.

  25. You did the right thing OP! I’ve read about this on Facebook.

  26. Maybe someday you'll have the pleasure of being robbed at gunpoint by a stranger who approached you. It has happened to enough of us that approaching a stranger and reaching to pull something out of a bag will sometimes activate the 'stand your ground' defense. If we didn't have more guns than people in the good old USA this type of event would not be dangerous - but we do and it is.

  27. I bought one from Amazon in early Sept - there were several advertised on Amazon at that time with different prices - which is still true today. I think that various resellers charge different prices for the 'same' device. Mine came from a reseller, not the official Beelink store, but it was in a Beelink box and the contents were exactly what was advertised and so far as I can tell after using it, it is the same device being sold by Beelink. I paid Amazon $686.93 (inclusive of taxes). I remember that Beelink was selling it for a bit over $800 at the same time.

  28. Comment on throwing patio furniture in the pool: the furniture is outside anyway in the rain 24/7 and is waterproof - it gets wet every single day from dew / humidity / rain. I've put patio furniture in the pool several times without any visible or notable damage to the furniture or pool. Some may not have room in the house to bring in patio furniture - so is it better to protect the furniture (and your and your neighbor's windows) by storing it in the pool for several days, or to let it get blown around?

  29. I retired 10y ago, so no. But I DCA'd from 1990 - 2012, including during the 2000 "dot com" crash and the 2008/9 crash -- and buying shares at a discount during those 'down markets' really boosted my ultimate net worth. It is good to buy stocks when they are on sale!

  30. The Beelink 5900HX GR9 GTR5 Mini PC, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX mini pc has a usb-c port. I have one but have no use for the type c port so I can't comment on how well it works, but the Amazon listing states "And it can connect 3 screens by 1 HDMI port, 1 Type C port, and 1 DP port, efficiently handle your tasks, and meet your specific needs." Current Amazon listing is about $680, which I thought was a steal for what is included in the device. I'm using it as a replacement for my aging HP desktop with a wonky (throwing SMART errors) hard disk. It has multiple ports, per the Amazon listing "With dual 2.5Gbps LAN ports(RJ-45 port, supporting Gigabit file transfer speeds), WiFi 6 (802.11AX, transmission speed up to 2400Mbps) and Bluetooth 5.2, high-speed wireless connection makes you step ahead. And 3USB3.0 ports, 2USB2.0 ports, 1HDMI port, 1DP port, 1Type C port, 1Headphone Jack, and 1*DC Jack, meet your different needs. "

  31. I believe all the big national property insurance companies abandoned Florida sometime after Andrew. Some set up subsidiaries in Florida with the same name but where the national company is not responsible for paying the claims (like State Farm). So the companies we have left in Florida are smaller state or regional players that do not have a nationwide customer base from which to draw - we are perceived as a high risk area and we are on our own.

  32. Sounds like a problem you’d expect the state government to do something about

  33. One would think so, right? Given that lawyers (as a group) have made a bundle off of the battles between homeowners, contractors, and home insurance companies, and that 47% of the Florida legislature consists of lawyers, not much has been done. And what has been done has not exactly been effective.

  34. Thanks for your concern and advice. Every little bit helps. Never in a thousand years would I have imagined that Nova Scotia would get hit by a hurricane. I hope you've got your power back and are on the way to recovery!

  35. Even if you think the parent was over-reacting, how is the school kicking the kid out of the school not an ever worse over-reaction?

  36. From the article, "Misty Dunham reached out to the school administration, and later to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, to document the incident.",

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