1. That's probably because they weren't very compatible in the first place and having kids made that worse, or one partner has been left with the greater workload (if women have to mum ther partner also they're not gonna want to have sex), or their relationship has changed because kids will stress your relationship to the max.

  2. Have a kid right after. Like make sure they are about 2 years apart. See how it goes when the kids are 1 and 3 years old. I think by that time, recession and job security will be worse so sex will really be the only escape from reality.

  3. Having the same idea of "fun" is crucial when you're looking to make friends.

  4. Pandemic definitely has impacted people's social senses. Also, your partner is not very social. People feel that every and hence you get lumped into his energy so that prob makes it harder to connect.

  5. This was an 'average' 18-20 year old then. Nowadays, same age looks like how 14 looked back then.

  6. Speaking of jobs that are now relics, my mom managed an arcade for many years and I worked there from 97-98 before going off to college. Sadly they closed it in 99.

  7. Yupp. That was the tail end of arcades for many places. PS, XBox, PCs completely took over. The Street Fighter led craze of the early mid-90s arcade was gone.

  8. Please think very carefully if you really want to spend your life in financial ruin. Now is your chance to get away.

  9. Absolutely agree. OP, clean break now.

  10. Trudeau ordered 3rd shots but had to back down because of these clowns. So I say good for them. I work at a federal agency and we got internal email telling us vaccinated definition is not set and that more may be needed. Then the massive protests. Trudeau withdrew this 3rd shot mandate.

  11. Ahh, good point. Good to know that sugar might help the long day! Thank you!

  12. Best thing.. big ice box or mini fridge full of soda. Typical (coke, ginger ale, sprite/7up, crush like grape or orange) and a diet option or two. Ice tea too. Then a big bin for them to toss it into. Strudels, danishes, or turnovers or similar.

  13. I agree OP. As a 79er born, I and my peers absolutely love our experience. Hard to meet people my age at work for some reason and I recently met a 78er and we connect just like that. Just talking about 90s. The real last of "feels like the jungle no hiding with a computer" life.

  14. ‘77 born and t’s so perfect to me. Old enough to have been a 90s teen and too old for the backstreet boys, brittany, breaker high world thay followed. Last agee group to never have cell phones growing up.

  15. Yea. Seeing artists hit it big but them being younger never worked. With Backstreet Boys and Brittany Spears, I actually thought it was a comedy sketch or something that emulates making 'real' music. Sounded like a commercial jingle or something. And also understood why later parents never got with newer artists.

  16. Thanks for reading! I didn’t mean to run on so long! But it just happened.

  17. Really enjoyed it. We are about the same age and it really was a different time. Near the end, business must have been slow unless in a really small town. I always loved the silence and plasticky smell of these old school video rental places. And old 'saloon' doors for the adult section. And more often, they had all the old wrestling tapes a blockbuster never had.

  18. The cheapest pub is firing up a grill and having some home made burgers with beer with the boys.

  19. That’s actually pretty cheap for Toronto. My buddy who’s a barber cuts my hair now, but when I used to go to his shop it was like $60 after tax and a tip.

  20. This proves there aren't too many bright people in TO.

  21. Well city of Toronto didn’t want and still doesn’t want the suburbs put onto us. Just because a PC govt merges your town with some suburb doesn’t mean you suddenly pretend you are the same place….

  22. Suburbs didn't want to be attached to Toronto either.

  23. And yet, Scarborough, like North York, is not a borough - technically a district within Toronto. To be a real borough there needs to be self-goverence...

  24. There is no more official borough. We just call it still because of the history, the different in ridings/geographic demarcation, design, etc. But prior to Amalgamation, it was the "City of Scarborough" which had its own council, by-laws. Like North York, Etobicoke.

  25. Given the way the industry is jacking prices, I’m gonna need to see a receipt from this meal before taking your 10/10 recommendation at face value

  26. Anything that looks new with fancy plates is not going to be value.

  27. Well, an intelligent person looks before entering the intersection. I don’t know what people like you do, probably cause accidents.

  28. They don't even turn their heads. A of times, I'm just beside them in traffic observing. I'm not the one always behind. But nice try with your little attempt at being a snarky snark.

  29. We’ll you posted it on week with really bad snow storms… so obviously it was on your Mind during the snow… and I’m telling you that’s why they take longer in the winter you can spin out gunning advance greens. Go Ahead tho

  30. That's your assumption. I've been driving in my area (east side/Scarborough) since the mid-90s. Having gone to school here too including university, part-time jobs, driving everywhere with my buds during our hangout days, commuting through downtown. A single snowstorm doesn't make me all of a sudden go "gee, my mind is changed". All this stuff has gotten exponentially worse post COVID.

  31. The 18 year theory would be ideal…but if I had to keep their Gen X and earlier ranges the same I’d change:

  32. The slow driver in front looks like he is driving recklessly and intoxicated, and all OP did was pass him. (What an asshole)

  33. I've been one to call out bad OP drivers in this sub but in this case, absolutely nothing the OP did wrong. Slow down, pull right, esp into bike lane, hazards says to me they're stopping, slowing down a lot for some reason.

  34. The blood squirting out says it all.

  35. As far as Korean/Viet/Chinese/Filo chicks are concerned I’ve never heard of anyone straight out saying they don’t want to date their own Asian ethnicity. But I def feel like Korean guys have an edge over the rest of us (or at least Chinese guys), as far as non-FOB, non-Korean women are concerned. Among people I’ve met IRL KorAm dude + ethnic Chinese chick seems more common than the reverse

  36. My Korean sister growing up (in the West) vowed to never date a Korean which she never did. But this was starting when we were teens in the 90s. This is due to Korean guys reminding her of my dad and his friends on a certain attitude and outlook many had which she couldn't stand. And then, if you meet their parents, it's like getting a double dose.

  37. Wow that is freezing. I think people will underestimate how cold that is. I'm in Toronto and it's been super warm this year.

  38. I live right in this area, usually come up Kingston and go north towards Lawrence on SGC. Even with snow tires my Elantra can’t make it up that hill in snow like this so I avoided it. Went up Markham… two TTC busses stuck sideways on the bridge over the tracks. Ended having to go all the way up to Kingston and Lawrence and track back to SGC, always a fuuuuun drive on days like today.

  39. I got off guildwood at 5pm and the traffic lights at Kingston and Celeste where the station at was out. Really rammed.

  40. I was going NB on Union on Yonge Side. And someone jumped on the other side with a train going NB on the University side. As our train just reached king st, the power went out, delay, etc. And the operator actually said on the intercom apologizing for it being out of service, that it was a suicide.

  41. I pulled up the statistics from Statistics Canada. I'll give the links. It's impossible that the GTA received a majority of these three groups of immigrants to Canada (Philippines, India, China).

  42. You keep incorrectly using all of Canada. Half of that went to Ontario. It's from that Ontario portion.

  43. Your math of net population growth is incorrect and doesn't disprove my goal post. There is plenty of emigration of people leaving due to the high cost.. this is seen in the ethnic growth of each city which you completely ignore and think you are right.

  44. My favourite is my memories as a kid here in the 80s. Too many people came here as adults and just seem so 'amazed' as inside, they hate where they came from but it was really Pleasantville back then. .

  45. The Canada sub is a fucking conspiracy right wing extremist disaster. They be building bunkers over there. Lowest common denominator.

  46. Spoken like a wannabe Torontonian that moved despising the townies you left behind.

  47. Jeez. I felt that. Imagine if Tyson did that?

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